Mikkeller & AleSmith: Beer Geek Speedway


Ya’ll like coffee?  Me too.  AleSmith and that guy from Denmark… Mikkeller?  Yea, they did a collab.  Stout style.  Coffee.  Civet.  The numbers…

Appearance:  Black.  Tan Head.  Little Retention.

IMG_4037Smell:  Ehhhh… not so hot here.  It smells like old tools in a tool box.  Musty, metallic, little bit of dirty laundry.  HOWEVER… the cabinet I keep my Tekus in smells eerily similar to these descriptors (it was second hand so LAY OFF!); I’ll have to blame that on me not rinsing the glass out with water before pouring.  Stupid me.  Also smells chalky and a little soapy.  Some coffee, some roast.

Taste:  Hey now!!!  That’s what I’m talking about!  The flavors in here are darker than that Emo kid at the Dashboard concert.  A ton of charred roast and a decent amount of coffee.  I do feel that I get more coffee out of regular Beer Geek Brunch Weasel, but this incorporates more of the bitterness and booziness of Speedway.  The coffee is certainly there, but it melds so well with the grain build in here that it kind of gets lost in the shuffle.  I feel that that’s the rub with a lot of coffee and coffee/bourbon stouts.  It’s hard to make the adjunct shine when you have so many other complementary flavors… it’s like my Econ 101 class all over again.  On an off note, I do get some “ash-yness” out of this brew.  Cigerette butts and beer don’t make IMG_4048the best combo, but I mainly taste that on the mid palate.  The finish is espresso and chocolate… can’t complain about much there.

The mouthfeel is actually medium bodied considering the style.  For an oatmeal coffee stout, it’s not as thick as others and that aides to its drinkibility.  The first pour went down easy then the second filled me up, as a good oatmeal stout should.  The carbonation was slightly more prominent on this guy than others in its class, but nothing that would knock the brew at all.  ABV on here is a dozen.  It was awesome.

Overall:  Yes, very nice!  I give it an A-.  Those edges could be softened up like a Hamilton Beach lifeguard, but ya know… that’s a SoCal thing.



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