The Bruery Black Tuesday


Only in America can we celebrate a holiday in which we get together with people that we love to give thanks for everything we have, then the next day we trample people in line to acquire things that we don’t.  Black Friday brings out the worst in people and it’s all over saving a few bucks on a TV, laptop, or latest widget.  And for the beer lover, it’s no better.  For us, it means trying to guess what bottle shop is going to have the variants… and if we’re limited to four regulars, it’s worse than our first break up.  To protest this madness, I’m going to pop open something pretty special that I really want to share with close friends.  Why not have a Black Tuesday on Black Friday?  And the numbers…

IMG_3778Appearance:  A rich brown, mahogany color that left no head or lacing behind.  While it wasn’t blacker and more dismal than the stock market crash in ’29, it was a beer to be taken seriously on pour alone.

Smell:  Huge bourbon notes jump from the glass coupled with dark fruits – raisins, dates, figs, and some prune.  I also get butterscotch, coconut, and caramel as well as a tremendous booziness that many turned to during the depression era.  God damn it Hoover.

Taste:  Oh man that’s tasty.  Deep, rich bourbon notes hit immediately but the sweetness of the grain oozes out.  Caramel, brown sugar, butterscotch, and toffee immediately quell much of the bourbon heat this boheamouth gives off.  The dark fruits make an appearance at the finish line as I get some raisins and figs, but nothing overpowering.  There is some presence of the oak, but it’s more seen in the bourbon – this thing wacks you with a strong whiskey uppercut.   The heat from the whiskey is also felt strongly as you get a nice burn in the back of your throat that lingers for a while.  The alcohol in this beer makes you pause before digging back into the glass, but the flavors can’t really keep you away.

The mouthfeel on Black Tuesday is medium to full bodied, but not as heavy as one would expect given the ABV.  I’ve given a lot of referIMG_3790ences to the booze in here – it’s 19.7%.  This may very well be the strongest beer I ever review on Beer Chatter.  It’s mighty powerful.  As mentioned earlier, I am going to share this bottle with friends in a couple of hours – 1, I really want them to have some 2, I would be shwasted if I didn’t, and 3, the bottle is over 2,000 calories.  You really need to split this beer if you acquire it, I’m already feeling a little tingly off of a pretty small pour thus far.  Speaking of tingly, the carbonation in here is on the bubbly side given the fact that it’s a stout.  I would prefer if it were toned down a bit, but as usual, it doesn’t take away from the beer.

Overall:  This beer is really quite tasty, but the lengths at which people go through to acquire a bottle really isn’t worth it.  I traded for this brew (and really didn’t lose my shirt over it), but there are several BA imperial stouts that can give this a run for it’s money.  Fremont Bourbon Aged Dark Star and Hoppin’ Frog Barrel Aged B.O.R.I.S. are two that come to mind, but with that said, it’s still a wonderful brew.  I’ll give it an A overall – the whiskey flavors in here are undeniable and the balance The Bruery is able to achieve given the massive ABV is impressive.  It’s worth a shot, but don’t be willing to crash your portfolio to get it.



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