Casey Plum Fruit Stand


It’s been documented… one of, if not my absolute favorite sour beer is Tilquin Quetsche, a Belgian gueuze aged on plums.  It is so tart and so easy drinking.  I’m hoping this fruited sour from Casey can compete on some level with Tilquin, but my expectations are tempered just because those are some high standards to compete with.  Let’s compare plums to plums and run them numbers…

Appearance:  Much different in color than Quetsche.  Quetsche had a purple hue and was quite murky, where clearly this does not have any depth of color.  However, Shiro plums have white-ish skins, so clearly they would not contribute to the color as opposed to the deep purple plums used by Tilquin.  It poured with a very small white head and had a murky, yellow/orange color that laced as I drank.

Smell:  Big mustiness from the oak – that’s the first thing that jumps out on aroma.  Wafts of lemon, lime, citrus, and tart plum all are in there as well, and it smells as if it is going to be quite sour.

Taste:  Giant sourness on first sip.  Really puckering, but I can’t say that was unexpected.  A ton of sour citrus is what this beer reminds me of – lemon, lime, passion fruit, and, though this wouldn’t jump out at me without reading the label, I get tart plum skin.  The sweetness in the flesh of the plum is absent to me and I’m just hit with a nice sour wave.  This beer is awesomely tart.  Like other Casey beers, most notably their saison, this beer has a minerally taste to it which coIMG_3621mplements the citrus in here and makes it quite refreshing.  This variant of their Fruit Stand serious finishes dry, but not toooooo dry – a good balance.  Other than sour, citrus, and minerals, nothing else is jumping out.

The combination of citrus and minerality paired with a light body make this beer incredibly drinkable.  Carbonation was present and I could feel it push out the last quarter inch of cork when opening this up.  The ABV matches the light body at only 5.5% which makes this beer perfect for a 90 degree day.

Overall:  A great beer yet again by Casey, and I will give this guy an A.  The sourness hits you on the first sip and does not fade off at all when drinking, however I would desire a bit more fruit flavors out of this brew.  All said and done, this is my second favorite plum sour.

UPDATE: So I only stole a little sample of this to review because I saved the rest to split with a friend.  When we split it and got to the yeast cake, we stopped pouring, however as our glasses neared the end there was a huge musty, moldy, dirty taste that must have came from the barrel.  It was pretty off putting and I have to downgrade this to a B overall.  First pour great, last pour crapy.



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