Other Half Brewing All Green Everything

IMG_3527 I feel as if this beer would be most appropriate to review on Earth Day, but seeing that it’s nine months away, a sunny day in July must do.  What a better beer to fight horrifically moronic and utterly ignorant climate change denialists than by paying homage to mother nature, naming this brew after all things green.  I’m not quite sure if this loose interpretation is what Other Half had in mind when they concocted a beer that has so many hops, this is the only name that would fit.  Hailed as a triple IPA, this Brooklyn based brew house isn’t afraid of pushing the limits of what yeast can do and they’re not afraid to take risks even at their young age (established in 2014).  Time to crack this one open and let the hops come out. IMG_3529

Appearance: Golden Brown in color with a white head.  Very minimal lacing left as I drank, but understandable because of the ratcheted up ABV.  Unfiltered, but not murky, looks like an easy drinking IPA, but I wonder how the alcohol will impact that.

Smell:  As soon as I started to pour this beer, explosions of resinous hops leaped out of the can in into my nostrils.  It this is the strongest smelling IPA I’ve had in a long time.  In addition to the hops, I do get some sweet grainy, alcohol notes with slight tropical flavors like mango, guava, apricot, grapefruit, and other citrus fruits. 

Taste:  By far the best 3IPA I’ve ever had.  There are a lot of flavors going on in here, but the first thing I get are the punchy hops.  Resinous, but also giving off flavors like mango and grapefruit – really well balanced.  For a triple, this tastes very bright and vibrant and reminds me a bit of Abrasive, which also hovers past 9%.  The sweetness of the grain and some heat of the alcohol go well together to bring a different dynamic to the beer and counteract the bitterness of the hops.  At 10.5% ABV, you definitely do get some heat and taste the booze in here, but it’s not like other triples I’ve had, where the ABV makes the beer overly sweet and really syrupy – the ABV here takes a backseat to bitter and tropical hops and gets most its sweetness from the grain.  The mouthfeel is impacted, and this is on the side of a full bodied IPA, not because of oats, but because of the booze.  It doesn’t distract from the beer, but I find it noticeably heavier on the palate (which is ironic because the flavors are bright and don’t taste “heavy” at all).  The carbonation is pretty mild, which can be a determent for an IPA, but because of the thicker body, its tolerable. IMG_3522

What makes this beer really stand out is its drinkability.  I could easily have a four pack within a span of a few hours at a party, and I am impressed that Other Half can crank out a beer that is this flavorful, this boozy, and this drinkable.  It seems like those three descriptions contradict one another, but in this brew, they all go hand in hand.  All Green Everything is only sold at the brewery and it comes in four packs – I traded for this particular one and this was my last can of the bunch.  I split two of them when friends came over and had one for myself about a week after the can date.  I’m drinking this one after three weeks of canning, and I can say that the flavors have changed.  Fresh, this is a little more green and the flavors themselves stand out individually, but with a little time, there is more cohesion with the beer.  It got a little sweeter with time, and I would suggest finishing off your four pack within a 3 week time frame.  The beer is drinking great now, but after 4 weeks I can see this becoming a malt bomb.  When I split the beer with my friends, I had them guess the ABV, one said 8%, the other 7.5%, so it definitely drinks like a double rather than a triple.

Overall:  I am really impressed by All Green Everything.  It takes a lot of talent to create a beer this unique and balanced, so kudos to the folks at Other Half for doing so.  I have to give this a solid A.  Abrasive beats it out because there is no hint of the ABV in that beer, but to be fair this is almost a full percent stronger than the brew aforementioned.  I could drink this anytime of the year and I will certainly visit the brewery soon.  While this brewery may be a little green, the beers they’re producing are anything but. IMG_3523


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