Other Half Brewing Hop Showers


Some people would love to be showed in money, for others it’s joy and happiness.  Women get showers for their babies and wedding and the Weather Girls like to be showered by men, while Parry Gripp and BooneBum prefer their showers in the form of tacos.  Me?  After a hot day mowing the lawn and doing yard work, I’d prefer a hot shower, then maybe beer shower.  The Other Half Brewing Company, based out of Brooklyn, NY makes a product to suit all average Joes during the summIMG_3448er with a juicy IPA brilliantly named Hop Showers.  If the beer tastes as good as the design on the can, we’re all in for a treat.  Let’s run them numbers…

Appearance:  Golden brown with a white head and minimal lacing.  It’s a bit cloudy (which is appropriate given the whole ‘shower’ name) and looks like one heck of an IPA.

Smell:  Suuuuuppper tropical: mango, papaya, yuzu, heavy tangerine/clementine slight grain presence to round things out.

Taste:  Balanced.  Incredibly balanced.  Flawlessly balanced?  A lot of great IPA flavors bursting across the palate.  First up is a tangy citrus – similar to an under rippened orange, sour tangerine, or grapefruit.  I love this flavor in my IPAs, but it gets settled pretty quickly once your palate adjusts to it.  Like a shower putting out a citrus flame, sweeter tropical fruits like mango and pear make their way in on the mid-palate.  These sweeter fruits help to nudge out the grain in the beer while still being predominately fruit forward.  Hop Showers is certainly on the juicy side as far as IPAs go with a ton of tropical fruit, however don’t let this Brooklyn beer fool you, it’s backed up with a nice amount of bitterness.   The finish is very hop forward, dry, and a bit tangy with some pine.  Much more complex than I was expecting.  A lot of shelf IPAs I’ve been having are just not bitter enough for me, which is essentially the definition of what an IPA should be.  This IPA balances the line perfectly with it reaching over to the bittereIMG_3446r side rather than sweet/tropical.

The flavors in Hop Showers are brilliant, dare I say better than that sweet can/glass design, and the mouthfeel paired with the carbonation follows suit with the rest of the beer.  It’s medium bodied with great carbonation and full of alcohol… not a bad thing for beer.  At 7.4% ABV, this brew packs a punch, but there is zero hint of the booze in here. 

Overall:  From looking at the can to the last sip, Hop Showers rained down from cloud 9.  I have to give this one an A; it was so well balanced and had all of the good parts of an IPA without any of the bad.  Plus, that logo is only helping its cause.  I got rain on a sunny day, and I love it.



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