Logsdon Farmhouse Ales Seizoen


April showers brings May saisons.  That’s the saying right?  I’ve always associated the peppery, lemon, yeasty, and honey characteristics of saisons to the flavors of spring.  Nothing beats sitting on the deck watching the trees come into bloom better than a crisp glass of suds.  Spring is my favorite season and is also the quarter of the year where I pay homage to one of the most antiquated beer styles.  What makes a saison so great is how it can vary from batch to batch, but more so from brewery to brewery.  Allagash and Northcoast keep theirs traditional while Boulevard and DuPont embrace the farmhouse funk and house character saisons were originally intended to have.  I’m interested to see where Logsdon falls on this continuum, but if I were a betting man, I think their organic brew coated with a beeswax seal leads me to believe it falls into the latter category.  Let’s get into this…

IMG_1785Appearance:  Ok… so when I pried the cap off of this saison, beer immediately came screaming out like I was trying to champagne fight somebody.  It went everywhere.  When the mess was cleaned up, I only had about half of my 750ml left in the bottle for a sample.  When I poured what was left, it gave off a grapefruit juice orange color.  This brew was thick – no light penetrated the glass whatsoever.  This was the most dense saison I’ve ever poured, more so than Saison DuPont.  A white head retained itself fairly well but left no lace as I drank.

Smell:  Huge white wine aroma, grapes, lactic acid, lemon zest, yeast, and orange.  This smells amazing… and since this was a faucet gusher, so does my entire office.

Taste:  Honestly, the first thing that I noticed in this beer was the booze.  It was insane how apparent it was… like rubbing alcohol and vodka mixed together.  Clearly, I think maybe a little too much bottle fermentation was going on with this one, but it was properly cellared since the time I bought it.  I did however drag things out with this guy since I’m drinking it only a month before it suggested best by date.  That said, once you get used to the booze wave, this is actually one hell of a saison.  A lot of lemon is going on in here as white wine vinous flavors.  It has a subtle amount of tartness to it and really not a significant of stereotypical yeasty flavors from a saison.  The yeast isn’t bready or heavy, but has an awesome house charaIMG_1766cter.  Bits of other fruits come out like apples, pears, lemons, and under ripened nectarine – it really encompasses all of the flavors of an orchard.  The flavors in here are terrific.

So clearly, the carbonation is active in this beer – a bunch of tiny bubbles that tingle the tongue, however I don’t mind a bit more activity in a saison.  The ABV is an impressive 7.5% and while I got a ton of booze at first, I must say it dropped off a lot as I drank.  It was light and body and was fairly drinkable, again, once my palate got used to the booze in here.

Overall:  This saison screams spring.  The flavors are on point and are reminiscent of a true farmhouse ale.  Tartness and the fruitiness make for an phenomenal combination and the booze mellows out as you drink.  The one obvious knock on this beer was it’s near bottle shattering carbonation that has my whole office smelling like spring beer… which isn’t an awful thing.  When push comes to shove, Logsdon scores an A- with this brew.  It’s something that I would pick up again for the start of spring, only I’d open it outside next time around.



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