Grey Sail Brewing Captain’s Daughter


In my head, I imagine all sea captains to be curmudgeony, surly, and abrasive… (see what I did there?)  They set sail with a few cartons of cigarettes and a handle of Old Granddaddy ready for the voyage ahead.  They don’t care about your city slicker education, your fancy new teku glass, or the fact that you have no missing teeth.  They will swear at you, belittle you, and if you dare even lay eyes on their daughter, they will kill you.  Perhaps this is why this beer is becoming so hard to take home for the night.  In the New England area, Captain’s Daughter is flying off the shelves quicker than gallon jugs of water before an incoming Nor’easter.  Is it worth the risk of facing the Captain’s wrath?  Time to run them numbers…

IMG_1760Appearance:  Golden brown and cloudier than an April day on the east coast.  The head was white with a little staying power and some lacing as I drank.

Smell:  Yup, this beer deserves to be in the conversation with the New England elites just based off of smell alone.  Lemony citrus, grapefruit, tropical pineapple, mango, sugar plum, all while maintaining a light grain presence and oily hops.  This smells fantastic.

Taste:  Nice and bitter upfront with some dankness and a touch of tropical flavors coming through.  The hops in here kick you in the teeth and leave the palate stinging, but don’t worry, flavors of resin, grain, and grapefruit come in like a bag of ice from Rocky’s trainer.  Initially, Capt’s Daughter reminds a lot like the beer formerly known as Gandhi Bot – dank yet tropical, resinous yet grainy.  Not too many DIPAs can pull off that kind of yin and yang, but this brew is in that conversation.  It’s not as tropical as Nelson or Abrasive, but there is something to be said about assertive, dank India Pale Ales.  The beer finishes with a nice grapefruit bitterness that gives you both the hops and the citrus providing an ending happier than Finding Nemo.

IMG_1764Since there are pungent hops and a deeper grain body found in this beer, it’s not the most drinkable DIPA I’ve had, but that is not a bad thing at all.  All things considered, this is one enjoyable double that still won’t last very long in your glass.  Once you get used to the assertive taste, it actually becomes very easy to get down.  The ABV in this brew is also curmudgeony clocking in at a comfortable 8.5%, but none of the booze can be detected in the taste.  The carbonation is on point, and there’s not much to knock this brew on.

Overall:  From smell to last sip, Captain’s Daughter does not disappoint.  It, however, is not the beer for the wimpy Gorton’s Fisherman, but should be reserved for those rag-tag group of Alaskan crab fisherman.  It packs a punch, but one that I’m willing to take right to the jaw.  Grey Sail scores an A with this brew.  You won’t find people chasing after it like Sip of Sunshine or Heady, but if you see it on the east coast, grab it and treat it right.  Captain’s orders.



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