Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel


For some, to find the word “weasel” in the title of one of Mikkeller’s flagship brews may be off putting.  But without the help of a small, Southeast Asian rodent this beer would not be possible.  Mikkeller whips up an oatmeal stout infused with coffee stout with this brew, however not just any coffee will meet their needs.  That’s were the little guy known as the civet comes into play.  This animal goes around eating coffee beans scattered around the trees but they cannot fully digest the beans, so when they pass it their system adds a unique flavor.  Farmers prize their scat for this, collect it, and wash and roast the beans afterwards.  Praise the guy who every had the courage to do that.  With that in mind, let’s see how this little dude affect Brunch Weasel.  Time for them numbers…

IMG_1705Appearance:  Jet black with a dark tan head that left no lacing on my glass.  The head stuck around for a little while, which was surprising given the ABV but eventually fell into the abyss.  Although there was no lacing appearant, there was a good deal of sediment that clung to the sides as I drank, but more on that later.

Smell:  Roasted grains, molasses, dark chocolate, some cardboard, a little booze, and a substantial amount of coffee.  I could smell it as soon as I pryed the cap off of this bad boy.

Taste:  That is some really good stuff right there.  Roasted grains lead the charge in this brew giving off hellacious flavor.  From those grains, I get flavors like charred veggies, brownie corners, and dark, bitter chocolate.  Then the coffee drops and just takes over the brew.  I like my dark roasts, but holy hell, is that an intense coffee flavor.  Imagine the boldest FrenchIMG_5326.JPG roast you have ever had and multiply it by 10… that’s the type of coffee flavor we’re talking about in Brunch Weasel.  It’s certainly enough to wake you up in the morning, but it’s not an afterthought at all.  The rich coffee flavors play perfectly with the assertiveness from the grain and balance it out a bit as well.  I am curious as to what the IBUs in this beer are as I am getting a distinct bitter charge, however it’s not a hoppy bitterness, but one you would find out of an espresso that is dry and lingering.  Towards the finish, things start to round out as I get a vanilla bean or vanilla extract flavor accompanied by a pinch of sweetness, which may be attributed to the ABV in this beer.

At 10.9%, the alcohol in here holds its own to the rich and robust flavors, but the shocking thing is that it cannot be detected at all in the taste.  No burn, no obscene nail polish taste.  The mouthfeel on Brunch Weasel was also superb for an imperial oatmeal coffee stout – silky and full bodied as it should have beIMG_1700en.  This beer has such depth of flavor and is quite punchy given the ABV, you might expect it to be tough to drink, but that is far from the case.  The 11.2 ounces in this beer went down nicely and if it was packaged as a bomber, I could have finished it in once sitting with ease.

Overall:  This brew was phenomenal.  The depth of flavor in here was incredible and the whole experience from start to finish was great.  The only knock on this beer was the amount of sediment in it… so much so that it clung to the sides of the teku.  I poured this beer aggressively to get as much head as I could, but towards the end of the bottle I saw chunks fall in.  My advise is to pour gingerly with your eye on the liquid coming out so you can leave the solids out.  Because of that I’ll give this brew an A, otherwise, we’re looking at a flawless beer.  And it’s all possible because of the civet.



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