Trillium Brewing Company Upper Case


Beer people are the best people.  You strike up a conversation with a beer person, and you can tell immediately that they are just a good human being.  So often they are willing to share their knowledge, information, and most importantly, their beer with others.  Recently, an incredibly generous customer who often frequents the package store I work at proved just how awesome beer people are.  This gentleman returned from a trip to Trillium in Boston with their newest double IPA, Upper Case.  Trillium imposed a strict limit of fIMG_1686our bottles per person, yet he dropped off two bottles for me and my beer manager, just because he thought we appreciate it.  Talk about paying it forward.  With gratitude in the air on a warm spring day, it’s time to run the numbers…

Appearance:  Golden with a little cloudiness and a nice fluffy white head.  Some lacing as I drank

Smell:  Mango, pineapple, apricot, peach, passion fruit, grapefruit, orange peel, floral, and slightly dank.  This brew smells unreal.

Taste:  Another phenomenal IPA reviewed on Beer Chatter.  Mike, this is great.  I identify a lot of flavors all over the board, but theIMG_1694y mesh together so well it’s tough to distinguish them separately.  Grassy, dank hops lead the way here followed by a juicy grapefruit bomb.  The other tropical wafts I got can be picked up in the taste of this beer, especially the mango.  This is really a nice, hop forward DIPA and the malt takes a back seat to let the cones do their thing.  Some sweetness is achieved on the finish of the beer, but I think I would attribute that to the ABV rather than the malt profile Trillium used.  This beer also has a nice floral taste to it like stepping outside in the middle of the Spring as the leaves just start to sprout on trees – it’s delicate yet dank at the same time.  Like Double Dry Hopped Congress Street from Trillium, I do get a bit of star anise at the very back end.

IMG_1687The drinkability of this beer is incredible, especially given its ABV at 9%.  You cannot detect it whatsoever outside of the bit of sweetness it adds to the beer and it goes down so incredibly easy.  I could have this all day, any day, any time, any place.  The carbonation isn’t even noticeable next to how amazing this beer is and the mouthfeel is medium bodied on this guy due to the aforementioned ABV.

Overall:  Just a wonderful beer.  It’s up there with Julius, Dinner, and the like and easily earns an A for me.  Make friends with a gracious beer guy, or go to Trillium right away.



4 thoughts on “Trillium Brewing Company Upper Case

  1. I live in CA, and I’m always seeing this beer in the “beer enthusiast” group im apart of..unfortunately, to get this beer, everyone wants a good trade. Apparently I don’t have good trade do I get this delivered to me?? More than willing to pay more than what it’s worth..any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • Hey Daniel, I can appreciate your enthusiasm. Depending on where you are in CA, speedway variants, Russian River IPAs or sours, Rare Barrel, SARA, and Alpine are all breweries or beers that would probably land you a bottle or two. There is a Facebook Group called something along the lines of “New England ISO FT Craft Beer.” Since Dinner is a Maine release you might find it more available there. Also, since RR and alpine are tough finds on the east coast, you’re more likely to peak interests there. I know people waited in line for up to 8 hours for it, so they will ask a pretty penny for it. Hope this helps!

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