Fremont Brewing Company Bourbon Abominable with Coffee & Cinnamon


Germany purity laws state that beer must only be brewed with four ingredients: water, grain, hops, and yeast.  Nothing more.  Thank god for rebel rousers.  Fremont Brewing spits in the face of those uptight Germans with their highly touted adjunct ale that not only has coffee and cinnamon to boot, but is also bourbon aged to perfection.  I have already reviewIMG_1653ed their Bourbon Abominable (AKA B-Bomb) and loved it – so much flavor and so drinkable for the style that it is, I can only imagine how this version of Abominable will be.  Let’s start imagining… time for the numbers.

Appearance:  Jet black with a dark khaki head that did lace a slightly as I drank from my old fashion NEBCo pint glass.

Smell:  Big bourbon presence, some roasted grain, oak, a little sugaIMG_1664r, but honesty – not much coffee and just a hint of cinnamon.

Taste:  Wow, again so incredible just like its younger brother.  Big vanilla flavors coming out initially and some sweetness for sure.  It tastes very similar to a roasted marshmallow – sugary, sweet, roasty.  The bourbon is definitely making an appearance in the brew, but it’s more subdued than the regular B-Bomb.  You get it all throughout the drinking experience, but it’s all flavor and no burn – which I love out of bourbon aged stouts.  I want it to be there, but I also want it to let the subtleties of the beer to shine through as well.  One subtlety that did not make it through was the coffee from this brew as I found it to be lacking In taste and aroma.  I really like my dark roasts, but the other adjunct can be identified as the beer has a spicy finish.  A little oak is tucked away mid palate the grain isn’t as prominent or roasty, but still seen underneath the sweeter flavors of the beer.

The mouthfeel is medium bodied to me and can benefit from oats, however that thinner mouthfeel equates to supreme drinkability.  For 11% ABV, this brew goes down easy.  I was finished with my first pint pretty quickly andIMG_1674 dived back into the bottle immediately for the second helping.

Overall:  I enjoyed this beer quite a bit.  I thought the coffee would put it over the top from the regular B-Bomb, but it was pretty subdued in my opinion.  I should also clearly state that I like my cup of joe black and the darkest roast possible.  Others may be able to find it, but for my palate, it was playing hide and seek.  Everything else about this brew was on point.  I think age may thicken up this beer a bit, but I’m not sure if one would be able to get more coffee with age.  That said, I’d have to give this beer an A, just like regular B-Bomb.  It’s wonderful, but I really wish the coffee was more in your face.  Love the creativity seen in this brew that you wont see in any pure German.



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