Steady Habit Brewing Company Geek Nip (100% Citra IPA)


Clearly, I’m a beer geek.  I geek out over new releases, brewery tours, and even glassware.  And if you’re reading this, I’m assuming you share my passion for hops, water, yeast, and grain.  This beer, is a beer for our people.  Geek Nip, which is an all Citra hopped IPA, is the second brew reviewed on Beer Chatter from Steady Habit, located in Haddam, CT.  After briefly meeting the brewer, Jon, when getting my fill, I can tell he is most definitely in the club with us beer geeks.  So let’s raise our glass and toast to all things right, tasty, and true.  Time for the numbers…

IMG_1561Appearance:  Beautiful.  A wonderful golden brown color that’s slightly hazy and gets even more hazy after second pour.  It left a white head and tidbits of lacing as the liquid drained from the glass.

Smell:  Major fruit notes like peaches, tangerines, and grapefruit.  I wouldn’t say it’s tropical because I’m not getting much mango or pineapple, but the citrus is crazy.  It’s a Florida climate, not Turks and Caicos.

Taste:  Massive grapefruit explosion across the palate with some other fruity undertones coming in.  Orange zest comes to mind when describing the citrus in here and I do get juicy peaches as well.  This beer is so good, and also well balanced for being such a hop forward IPA.  The balance comes in at the fiIMG_1562nish of this brew where residual malty sugars help take away the acidity from the hops leaving you with more harmony in your mouth than a Temptations concert.  I really love this about the majority of Steady Habit brews I’ve had – they make hop dominated IPAs, but also use the grain discerningly to make sure that it’s incorporated into the flavor of the brew.  Another all Citra IPA from Connecticut, Fuzzy Baby Ducks, hits it out of the park with aroma, smell, and bitterness, however fails to reach the type of balance in Geek Nip.  Everything about this beer seems very purposeful, and as a home brewer, I can appreciate the studiousness of how this recipe must have been crafted.

The mouthfeel on Geek is a thin to medium bodied and the carbonation is lively, but certainly not detrimental to the drinking experience.  The 6% ABV in here is perfect for those who look for DIPA flavor in IPA moderation and the drinkability is through the roof.

Overall:  If I had to choose this, or Boots, I’d pick Boots.  However, I’d take this over many heavy hitters you’d be able to find on your shelves in town.  I really enjoy Geek Nip and the flavors it gives off, and for that, it gets an A.  Well balanced, nicely bitter, and easy drinking.  With those accolades, this beer is Ivy bound.



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