Omnipollo Zodiak


One thing I never understood are people who obsess over their horoscope.  It just seems so illogical and irrational.  You’re local newspaper tells you something good will happen to you this week… shocker.  And when it does happen, it’s never attributed to hard work or shear luck… it’s because you’re a Virgo.  Please.  How about this horoscope: “You will drink a good beer today.”  Seems appropriate to pick up a beer called Zodiak, brewed by Omnipollo from Sweden.  Will it my horoscope come true?  Let’s run them numbers…

IMG_1430Appearance:  Pulpy orange juice, grapefruit juice, and pineapple juice mixed together creating a murkiness that rivals the Hudson.

Smell:  Dank hops, huge citrus explosion featuring grapefruit and orange, and also very floral.  It’s incredibly refreshing and juicy, I can’t wait to get into this.

Taste:  Hit with an incredible pop of orange all over the palate.  Orange and grapefruit are leading the charge with this beer – but those notes are not super aggressive or bitter they just add so much flavor to the beer.  The citrus doesn’t sting or attack the taste buds, it is really quite light and refreshing like a mimosa at a Sunday Brunch.  Prominent bitterness and the dankness of hops in here take a backseat to the citrus in this brew, which I attribute to the wheat since it softens the beer nicely.  The wheat could also add to the citrus flavors going on, but there still is enough of a hop presence to add a little bit of dryness and bitterness at the end.

IMG_1437The mouthfeel on this beer is creamy and full.  You might be surprised to read that, but after I tell you that it’s also brewed with oats, everything seems to make sense.  The carbonation is perfect in my opinion, and the drinkability is through the roof with this beer.  I could crush these all day even though Zodiak is a respectable 6.2% ABV.

Overall:  If you’re looking for a dank IPA bomb, this beer won’t cut it.  If you’re looking for a citrus explosion was just enough bitterness to quench your thirst, this is the beer for you.  In my opinion, Omnipollo knocks it out the the park with this beer.  No question this in in the A-/A range, but the execution of this brew and the rarity of seeing a wheat IPA brewed with oats ratchets the grade up to an A.  It’s more balanced than Fatamorgana and way more drinkable too.  This beer should be in everybody’s horoscope.



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