OEC Brewing Experimentalis with Peaches


Thank god for acronyms.  They make everything much easier to follow, and much more convenient for everybody to digest.  LOL, ILU, OMG, ROTFL, FML, BRB, HAM, FTW, WTF – without these, can you imagine how long it would take a 15 year old kid to text his buddy?  That’s just not acceptable.  The wonderful people at OEC Brewing (Ordinem Ecentrici Coctores) have aptly employed the use of the acronym to save us some time.  However, don’t let the acronym fool you; the only thing OEC takes a shortcut on is their name.  The brews they make are meticulously crafted and many of them use fruits grown in their own greenhouse on site.  Primarily specializing in sour beers, they’ve been making waves in the craft beer scene.  Since they’IMG_1208re located in my home state of CT, I was lucky enough to pick up a special release sour with peaches.  Worth the trip?  Time to run them numbers…

Appearance:  Light, golden in color resembling the flesh of a peach.  Very appropriate with this brew.  The body was a little hazy and the head was a little early to leave.  A wonderfully inviting beer worthy of a Cantillon glass.

Smell:  Acidic, lemons, flowers, citrus, and a faint bit of peaches.  Sticking your nose in the glass, you get the tradition “yup, this is a sour beer” smell wafting from it.  When you dig deeper, the more nuanced flavors come out, especially the floral aspect.

Taste: Tart burst on the front end that opens your eyes up a little bit, but not so sour that it makes your mouth cringe.  There is a definiteIMG_1216 fruity presence mid-palate where I get lemons, oranges, apples, and peach.  Like Pechish Woods, if I didn’t know peaches were in here, I’m not sure I’d be able to distinctly identify them.  The sour flavor is certainly the main stay in this brew, however you can detect some mild sweetness from the grains at the finish.  The carbonation of this beer is perfect – just a little prickly to complement the sourness but it’s not overly done.  The same holds true for the ABV; at 7%, it’s a nice reminder that you’re still drinking a libation, but it really can’t be detected over the flavors that are in here.

Overall:  A very well balanced and well conceived beer from OEC Brewing.  Great sour flavor with incredible balance.  There were times as I was writing this review where I paused and just looked at my glass admiring what was inside.  This beer competes was any major sour that I’ve had including the stuff from Russian River, Almanac, and Allagash.  This brew gets a no brainer A+.  An incredible beer that’s an MFN (must find now).



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