Noble Ale Works Nelson Showers


It’s raining hops.  That’s the song the Weather Girls should have debuted in 1983.  Hide your dogs, bring out the homebrew, open the carboys, and dry hop for days.  Those lyrics are catchy.  I think a little hop shower would be music to my ears.  Noble Ale Works out of California would agree with me.  Their “Showers” series features a single hop variety that changes frequently and keeps consumers guessing.  Here we have the Nelson Sauvin variety from the southern hemisphere… and I can’t wait.  Usually this hop variety gives off a tropical and citrus explosion.  Will this beer deliver?  Time to run them numbers.

IMG_1179Appearance:  Transparant, golden brown color with an eggshell head that stuck and laced.  The second pour was more cloudly with the sediment coming out.

Smell:  Tropical, mangoes, pineapple, kiwi, orange, citrus, sweet sugars.  Yup, this is an IPA that smell straight from the equator.

Taste:  As apposed to the smell, I’m getting a little more pine and grain notes shining through this beer with the tropical flavors in the background a little bit.  They still come out and are led by the sweetness of the grain, then get bitter with a big grapefruit punch swinging left and right hooks wildly across the palate.  Other citrus fruits are also recognizable like clementine and a bit of lemon zest, while the finish of the beer brings a piney, slightly sticky element that you usually don’t find in an IPA with this kind of smell and color.  Unlike Nelson from Alpine, this beer tapers off pretty quickly after you swallow.  There is really no stinging or lingering finish on palate and the flavor doesn’t last for very long.  That said, it may be a bit unfair to compare this brew to what is likely the best IPA I’ve had from Alpine.  Nelson Showers still has some unreal flavor.

IMG_1188As mentioned previously, the mouthfeel was medium bodied and a little resinous.  The mouthfeel complimented the piney flavors in the brew, however the carbonation was a little dainty for my tastes.  It felt a bit flat, considering the style.  The ABV on Nelson Showers was a palindromic 8.8% and left you feeling happy after the bottle was empty.

Overall:  I enjoyed Nelson Showers, but it wasn’t a home run, a touchdown, a grand slam, a tri-fecta, a strike, a hole in one, a [insert sports cliché here].  It was good.  And a good beer gets a B+.  I wish it had a little longer flavor and the carbonation was more present.  Other than that, the clouds could pour this for days and I’d be a happy man on route to Seattle.



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