Prairie Bomb!


Don’t bring this beer on an Airplane.  If anything remotely suspicious is seen within your luggage, and Mr. NSA asks, “So what’s in here,” you might reply, “Just a few Bombs.”  Yikes.  Luckily, that’s why breweries have distributors.  And thank God for me because Bomb! is brewed in the twister laden state of Oklahoma.  Let’s see what Prairie has to offer.

IMG_1068Appearance: Black as can be with a tiny, cute, brown head. I poured this beer right down the middle of this snifter with no tilt and it just didn’t have the power to muster up more than a centimeter of foam. Its huge ABV is a big reason why.

Smell: Coffee, liquorish, dark chocolate, roasted grain, a little chalky, and some spice.  This brew smells yummy.

Taste: With stouts, it’s almost always the case that the taste follows the nose, and this beer is really no different.  Dark malts invade your mouth upon the first sip quicker than Russian soldiers in the Ukraine.  A rush of roasted grain, toasted graham cracker, and coffee decide to throw a party at the same time.  All of these flavors mix together flawlessly and harmonize like string quartet.  The remaining musician joins the gathering a little bit later to hit you with some heat.  The chili peppers that this brew is aged on really shine at the finish – they dance on your tongue, warm your throat, and tingle your lips.  Stouts, for me, are best enjoyed during cold weather and should aid you through hibernation.  The grain used inIMG_1066 Bomb does a great job at this, but throwing in peppers really distinguishes the beer from others on the beer shelf.  The chocolate adds to the roasted flavors in this brew, but it is not overtly apparent.  I also feel the chocolate adds a bit of chalkiness to the beer – this was more identifiable when I started the beer, but went away as I continued to drink.

What’s really impressive with this beer is the massive alcohol it boasts.  It comes in at 14% ABV and you can’t even detect its taste at all.  It’s so easy drinking and smooth for a stout with a massive ABV that it’s mind boggling.  The carbonation was perfect for a stout.  As it got warmer, the better it was.

Overall:  This was a wonderful drinking expierence.  I will give Bomb! an A.  Honestly, this brew was so close to an A+, but the texture and slight chalkiness detracted from the beer ever so slightly.  Pick one up, just be mindful where you drink it.



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