Fremont Homefront IPA


Eagles, monster trucks, fishing, baseball, fast food, Norman Rockwell, stars, stripes, guns, democracy, apple pie, hot dogs, burgers, charcoal, free speech, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan.  I dare you to create a list of things that shout “‘MURICA!!” better than that.  Crap… I forgot about beer.  Unfortunately, most people probably think of Budweiser as representative of American brews… but micromanaged, corner-cutting, monotonous, and uncreative are not traits that fit with my definition of all things American.  When I want a good beer, I want it to come from hard working, honest, and generous individuals who work for local, small breweries.  This beer is checks all of those boxes: Fremont Homefront IPA.  Brewed out of Washington and released on Memorial Day, this is one beverage that’s worth your money… for a few different reasons.

IMG_0816This particular brew is one that gives back to some of the most deserving people in our country, the veterans.  At least $150,000 dollars made from the sale of this beer will be donated to Operation Homefront – an organization that gives financial and other assistance to members of the service.  To keep costs down on this beer, Fremont was able to get the cans and hops for this beer donated by two separate companies.  They also work closely with other breweries who aid in assisting these vets.  The cause is a great one, but will the liquid inside be as worthy?  Time for the numbers…

Appearance:  Golden brown with an off white head that laced all the way until the last sip.  This brew is pretty clear with just the slightest bit of haze going on.

Smell:  Hops, citrus, orange oil, Pledge cleaner, and some spice.  This beer was brewed with orange peel, so the citrus in here is well pronounced, and probably the most recognizable element of the beer.

IMG_0826Taste:  This is one unique IPA.  The hops do not stand out as much in the taste of the beer – not a lot of dankness, pineyness, or tropical fruitiness – but they do add bitterness to the brew, most noticeably at the finish.  The flavors in here are quite herbal.  The orange rind is the most noticeable adding a big, sweet, citrus taste to this beer.  I’m also getting some spiciness like an Earl Grey Tea.  The orange and the tea flavors really makes this beer herbal and earthy.  The spice/earthyness I’m getting from this beer may actually be from wood – this beer is aged on donated Louisville Slugger bats… yup, this is the most American beer I’ve ever had.

Overall:  I really like the purpose behind this brew.  Anytime a company gives back to our vets is something that should be applauded.  The beer itself was unique and although it’s not a phenomenal IPA, it’s one that I’d pick up every time I saw it.  The grade on this is a B+; it’s unique and tastes great, but if we factor in its greater purpose, it’s off the charts.  Well done Fremont.  For more information about this beer or Operation Homefront, visit



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