Otter Creek & Lawson’s Double Dose IPA


The Simpson’s and Family guy recently did it.  P. Diddy and Biggy were two peas in a pod.  And who couldn’t forget Rob Schneider and Adam Sandler?  We’re talking about collaborations.  Put two like minded entities together, and you get a pretty decent end result.  In the world of beer, the end result is usually better than decent.  Brewing collaborations are nothing new in the craft beer realm, however one has spouted fairly recently making a whole bunch of beer nerds pretty excited.  Hailing from the land of snow, Otter Creek Brewing Company and Lawson’s Finest Liquids put their forces together to team up and make an IPA that would make Vermonters (and all New Englanders) proud.  The result is called Double Dose – an unfiltered brew with vast quantities of hops.  This is the second strait year Otter Creek and Lawson’s put this together and I’m really excited to get into it.  But before I do, I have to give a big thanks to Mike, a patron at a local package store, for leaving 1 of his 4 behind for me!  Time to run them numbers…

IMG_0767Appearance:  Golden brown with some haziness going on.  No floaties in the brew, but you can certainly tell this is an unfiltered IPA.  Head was off-white and didn’t stick around for too often, but it did leave a nice lacing on my glass as I drank.

Smell:  Dank hops, pineapple, a little mango, orange, and citrus.  A wonderful aroma from this beer, just wish the head stuck around a little bit more so I could bask in its glory for just a tad more.

Taste:  The first sip blasted my palate with dank hops, dank hops, and some more dank hops.  I was expecting this to be a little gentler given the citrusy smell, but not the case.  After the hop blast, I get a big rush of grapefruit and citrus rind that bitter the sides of the tongue.  The hop/citrus oiliness also coats the tongue in my opinion making this easier to drink as you go IMG_0774along and adds to the mouthfeel of the beer.   A little sweetness from the malt adds a touch of balance and the brew finishes with a twinge of alcohol hitting the throat.  This brew kind of reminds me of Coriolis from New England Brewing with its dank and assertive hop profile.

The mouthfeel in this beer is bit on the thicker side for an IPA, however with 8.5% ABV, that will certainly contribute to a little syurpyness.  The carbonation of this brew is perfect for the style and fits right in.

Overall:  I really enjoyed Double Dose.  It’s everything that you want out of an IPA – dank, tropical, and easy to drink.  The one knock I have on this beer is the fact that you can taste the booze in it.  Really successful IPAs like this find a way to leave you scratching your head when you read the ABV on the label.  Before I even peaked, I thought it was close to 9% after the first sip.  I actually feel that if Lawson’s and Otter Creek knocked it down to 7.5% or even 8%, then it’d be damn near perfect.  That being said, I still think this beer is most definitely an A.  Very few IPAs can achieve the type of flavors that are going on in this one which make it scrumptious and unique.  It just misses the + by 0.5%.  Another successful collaboration.



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