Three Floyds Zombie Dust

IMG_0693The Dallas Cowboys winning a football game, Scotland on the brink of independence, a 5 inch iPhone… are we perhaps on the brink of a Zombie apocalypse?  If we are, I want something that will keep those undead bastards away from me.  Thankfully, Three Floyds has the perfect elixir to fend off Satan’s angels… Zombie Dust.  A Pale Ale brewed with copious amounts of hops, it is perfect for a hot sunny day, a tailgate party, and of course, judgement day.  Let’s crack that beautiful juice…

Appearance:  Golden brown in color and the slightest bit hazy.  Nice white head to the beer and ju

IMG_0688Smell: Very tropical – mangoes, pineapple, kiwi, lemon, citrus.  A perfect IPA smell in my opinion that’s as juicy as an over-ripened peach.

Taste: Wow.  this is one of  the few beers that gave off a huge tropical smell and also delivered on the taste.  First thing to note is the tropical characteristics, as the taste of this beer is nearly identical to the smell.  A big taste of tropical fruits – mango and grapefruit are the most identifiable to me and I also get a bit of lemon and orange citrus.  As I drank, this beer got better.  At first, I felt the flavors were a little subdued, however as you continue to drink, they just get more and more assertive.  What’s most interesting about this beer, however, is how light in body it feels.  It drinks like a session IPA, but somehow Three Floyds found a way to put 6.4% ABV into this beer.  There is absolutely no way to detect in in the taste.

IMG_0691While the flavors of Zombie dust are out of control, they are not as dank or as aggressive as other IPAs I’ve had.  Technically speaking, this is considered a Pale Ale, but for all intents and purposes, this really shoves its way into the IPA category.  I’m judging this as an IPA, as no true pale ale I’ve had has ever been over 6%.  The only other pale that can compete with this is Tree House’s Eureka, but even with that in the mix, this is still the best Pale Ale that has ever hit my lips.  As an IPA, it’s really, really good, however I’ve spoiled my palate on some pretty insane IPAs this summer, and it falls a bit below some of them.  Zombie Dust is the Oklahoma City Thunder of the IPA world… an incredible beer, but falls short of being the best IPA I’ve had.  That being said, it has to be in the top 5.

Overall:  I really enjoyed Zombie Dust, and I have to give a big shout out to my buddy George for hooking me up with this one.  A tough one to find indeed, but if you can lay your hands on one, please treat yourself.  This beer scores an A.  A phenomenal brew for sure, it’s just so cruel that it comes in 12 oz bottles.



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