Maine Beer Company Another One


“Oh boy, not another one!”  A phrase uttered to show sincere disappointment.  Whether it is another re-run of Full House, another game the Cowboys blew, or a family’s seventh child, people often hate dealing with another one.  However, for the good people at Maine Beer Company, Another One is just another IPA they decided to handcraft.  Joining Lunch and Dinner in the Maine Beer Co. IPA line up, Another One has some high expectations to live up to.  Only one way to find out if it can… let’s do the numbers.

IMG_0512Appearance:  Looks like grapefruit juice – it’s light, hued orange, and hazy.  It looks pretty, and looks like it’ll be a tasty beer.

Smell:  Tropical, lemon candy, peach, tangerine, and grapefruit.  Huge nose on this beer that will be tough to match when it comes to its taste.

Taste:  First thing I notice about the beer is the carbonation.  I believe this is a little too carbonated for an IPA since the bubbles noticeably stung and pricked away at my tongue at first sip.  Once I got past the CO2 issue, the beer really started to develop.  A dank hoppiness resides within this brew and is unleashed once it hits your lips consisting of flavors like grapefruit rind, rubber, and a sharp bitterness.  This brew reminds me of Fatamorgana, only Another One is mIMG_0518ore toned down.  That rubbery dankness is certainly the most pungent flavor, and outside of that, I’m not getting a whole lot.  Some tangerine and citrus makes its way in after the dankness on the finish.  Mouthfeel on this beer is a little thin and somewhat watery, but that makes a very clean and easy drinking IPA, especially for one that’s 7% ABV. 

Overall:  Another Maine Beer Co. brew, another success.  I have to give Another One an A-.  Flavor was on point and its drinkability was incredible, but a little too much carbonation detracted from the beer.  To subtly name this beer, “Another One” is the ultimate act of humility.



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