Allagash Coolship Resurgam


John Paul Jones was a pretty cool captain of some pretty cool ships.  The Scottish Sailor kicked some Tory ass while guiding the Alfred during the revolutionary war and in time became an American hero.  Unfortunately, Alfred eventually succumbed to the British in a later battle and was all but forgotten.  Thankfully, Allagash decided to pick up where Jones left off and has continued the tradition of manning some cool ships… in the form of beer… called Coolship.  One particular vessel is named Resurgam.  It’s a 6.6% beer that’s openly fermented and inoculated by wild yeastIMG_0112 in the moose filled state of Maine.  Will it hoist the white flag, or will it deliver a serious blow to my taste buds?  Time for the numbers…

Appearance:  Extremely light in color with some haziness from the body.  Absolutely no head to speak of and there was zero lacing on my Tree House tasting glass as I drank.

Smell:  Sour apples, oak, peach, vinegar, and lactic.  You can tell this is going to be a brash and tongue salivatingly sour.

Taste:  Mouth puckering and so incredible.  The taste is very much like the smell – granny smith apples with copious amounts of oak and some bitterness from the tannins in it.  You can tell that Resurgam spent a lot of quality time in oak barrels.  Imagine if you walked into an estate sale and found an old wooden trunk with some cob webs on it, put beer in it, and let it sit for five years.  Resurgam has that same kind of woody mustiness to it which pairs very nicely with its huge acid and souIMG_0107r taste.

With this beer being so sour, the finish is drier than the Mojave and reminds me of some old worn out leather.  The aftertaste does give off a pitted green olive flavor which is typical of most sours.  There is not a lot of sweetness to the brew, but there’s enough to make this easyish to drink considering its Warhead sourness.  Carbonation is a little bit zesty and spicy, but that’s perfect for the style of this beer.  A lot of small bubbles that drive the sourness of this brew deep inside your taste buds.  Mouthfeel is thin and again, works well with the brew.

Overall:  Allagash kills it with their sour beers.  Their Coolship series in particular is stellar and in my mind might be some of the best sour beers in the world.  Resurgam gets an A, no questions about it.  I’m very close giving it an A+, however I do feel that Red is slightly better than Resurgam, which is the only reason why I’m avoiding the +.  John Paul Jones would be proud of this brew.




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