New England Brewing Weiss Trash Culture


Quick, what comes to your mind when I say, “White trash?”  Missing teeth? Jerry Springer? Neck tattoos? Cut jeans with cut flannel?  Honey Boo-Boo?  A lot of people try to avoid the “White trash” label – in case you didn’t know, it’s not a complement.  However, New England Brewing might be trying spin this moniker into a positive thing?  Probably not just by judging from the artwork.  It’s eye-cringing to look at… hopefully the beer itself is prettier.  Let’s hope it doesn’t taste like a trailer park T.V. dinner… time to run them numbers.

IMG_9287Appearance:  Incredibly light in color so much so that it is difficult to believe that this is beer.  It’s lighter than Bud Light in color and looks almost like champagne, although I think champagne has more pigment on it than this.  It left a head whiter than Bryant Reeves and disappeared as fast as Usain Bolt.  This might be the most interesting colored beer I’ve had, perhaps outside of Coolship Red.

Smell: Corn Flakes, wheat, lactobacillus, champagne, granny smiths.  Even with all that going on, it actually smells quite clean.

Taste:  Sourness is the first thing that anyone can possibly notice here.  Of course, knowing that this is a Berliner Weisse you expect it, however I am quite surprised that NEB Co. was able to create something this sour considering the style here.  In addition to the sourness, I get a brush of light wheat painted across the tongue which tastes like a fresh bite of Corn Flakes.  The wheat here is unlike any other wheat beer I’ve had as the yeast used in Weisse Trash is not your typical Belgian style.  The finish to me is a bit on the mineraly side.  If you’ve ever downed some city tap water, you kind of know what I’m talking about.  It’s not off putting and actually pairs well with the sour note in the beer.

IMG_9285Weiss Trash is one of the lightest sours I’ve ever had too.  Clocking in at a wine-cooler-like 3.4% ABV, you can crush these all day.  They go down so easy and are incredibly thirst quenching on a hot summer day.  It’s a little on the carbonated side, however I prefer my low ABV sour brews to have a bit of zest.  As mentioned before, mouthfeel is super light and it is nearly impossible to detect the alcohol in this brew.

Overall:  I’d have to give Weiss Trash Culture an A.  I love everything about this beer and is by far the best Berliner Weisse I’ve ever had.  Too bad its brewed once a year and is a brewery only release.  Love this beer, love it’s name, love the weather I’m drinking it in, but still won’t be getting a neck tattoo.



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