Hopworks Urban Brewery Hopworks IPA


This IPA should be a wonderful IPA.  From the overcast city of Portland, Hopworks is a reputable brewery from Portland.  While the label is pretty plain, the beer should be anything but, despite the fact that the label is plain.  Catch the mistakes?  I IMG_9270sure as hell hope so.  Redundancy affects several types of people including high school students writing essays, Maury Povich (as all his shows seem to be about being or not being the father), and Hopworks Urban Brewery.  We get it, Hopworks is your name and IPAs are your game, no need to name your IPA after yourself.  It’s a bit redundant.  Let’s pop this top so we can get a taste of this IPA and crack it open…

Appearance:  Crystal clear and golden in color.  No sediment to be seen and a also no head at all.  A nice eggshell lacing suctioned to the glass as I drank.

Smell:  Sweet mangoes, freshly baked bread, clementine, and hops.  A smell that is titillating and unexpected from a Pacific Northwest IPA.

Taste: The grains in this IPA are the first things to be noticed wIMG_9283here we have sweeter malts that are very light, drinkable, and give off a caramel taste.  The hops in here are quite subtle and not what I was expecting out of a brew with 75 IBUs.  They have a light pineyness to them and have a short citrus burst, but they distinctively add a blast of bitterness to the beer.  I really like the flavor profile as a whole in this beer and find it to be incredibly well balanced.  If you’re seeking a hop bomb, you can pass on this one, but if you’re looking for a brew with a nice hoppy taste and a balance of sweeter grains, look no further than here.  At 6.6% ABV, this is very drinkable and will do the job at a fall tailgate (for some reason, this Hopworks screams football beer to me). 

Overall:  I’d give Hopworks a A-.  The sweetness of the grains really do an excellent job of offsetting some of the acidic and bitter notes of the hops, however this beer is somewhat confusing because I feel like I’ve had it before.  It leads me to think that it’s mundane in a sense because there’s nothing truly memorable about it, but it is such a clean drinking and balanced IPA.  I like it.  I like it a lot.  (Sorry for the redundancy).



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