Hair of the Dog Blue Dot Double IPA

IMG_9261Many of us know the antics of George Costanza.  In episode 12 of season 3, George sleeps with a cleaning lady at his work, but unfortunately for George, the romance doesn’t last.  The next morning, the cleaning lady is upset and threatens to report George to the boss.  To rectify the situation George re-gifts a very expensive cashmere sweater to the cleaning lady… if it weren’t for one flaw.  The red dot.  It was on clearance for a bargain – a nice, lush, inviting cashmere sweater – but like many things on the clearance rack, it was too good to be true.  A red dot unnoticeable to George was easily spotted by the cleaning lady causing old Georgie to be fired.  But what if that red dot was actually a blue dot?  Would anything have changed?  If Hair of the Dog Brewing company had been established before this 1991 classic episode, the answer would have most certainly been yes.  Blue Dot is Hair of the Dog’s take on a double (and I use that word liberally) IPA.  Should it be top shelf or on the clearance rack?  Time to run them numbers…

IMG_9254Appearance: A very hazy orangy, yellow, golden color.  Looks great, but unfortunately, there was absolutely no head on this beer what-so-ever.  The headless horseman’s favorite beer?  That was bad.

Smell: Piney, dank, and resinous.  Typical IPA from the Pacific Northwest.  Nothing in its smell is blowing me away, but then again, there is really no head to go off of here.

Taste: Dank hops dominate the first sip.  Very piney at first and has almost a rubbery taste half way through the sip.  The finish reminds me more a bitter grapefruit which is very refreshing.  As you get used to the hop shock, the beer is surprisingly flavorful, yet mellow.  That’s to say you can really pick up on the nuances of the hop flavor but it’s not aggressively bitter, which I love.  The malt is pretty low key in this brew, but I do get a little of the classic German Pilsner malt taste in here – a bit minerally and a little bready.  Hair of the Dog also gives away that this brew was made using rye malt, and again, I can detect a little bit of spiciness from the beIMG_9262er.

As mentioned in the beginning of this chatter, calling this a “double” IPA is stretching the use of the term.  It clocks in at 7% ABV, which is teetering right on the line of being a classic IPA or a DIPA.  Either way, as Shakespeare would say, a rose of any other name would taste smell as bitter sweet.  Carbonation for the beer is fine and the mouthfeel is very pleasant.  Pacific Northwestern IPAs tend to be a bit heavy and sometimes syrupy for my liking, but Blue Dot is perfect.  I’m really diggin this brew.

Overall: Blue Dot is see-sawing back and fourth from an A- to an A, but if I had to chose, I’d mark this with a red pen: A.  It’s a great IPA for any occasion and is very easy to drink, especially given the ABV.  It’s one of the few non tropical IPAs that I can say I really enjoy.  I will be sure to add this to my next order when shopping online again for brew, and you should too.  George would have been married to that cleaning lady if it was a Blue Dot.



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