Cisco Brewers Pechish Woods


Ish.  The best suffix to add to any word when you get caught talking about something you’re completely clueless about.  “Honey, when will you be home from the bar?”  “I’m not positive, but probably around 10… ish.”  “How are those sales figures for this quarter?”  “Good!… ish.”  “What type of beer are you drinking?”  “A peche… ish.”  Cisco Brewers, out of the Kennedy worshiping state of Massachusetts, decided to apply this “ish” philosophy to their latest aged beers, Pechish Woods.  Time to figure out if they nailed this brew, or are in purgatory.  Let’s do the numbers…

IMG_9224Appearance: Wonderfully golden yellow and quite cloudy.  There was absolutely zero head to this brew and, as imagined, no lacing to this beer at all when I drank.  Based off of looks alone, things are starting off in the right direction.

Smell: Peach, Greek yogurt, sour patch kids, granny smith, and basement.  I know this will be a sour, but am curious about the flavor profile.

Taste:  Sour explosion at first sip.  As things mellow out, you begin to taste the peach in here but it’s hard to recognize after cheek sucking sourness – you’d guess that lemon would be the fruit fermented in oak at first taste, but the peach makes its way around after you swallow.  Accompanying the fruit flavor is a sharp lactic right hook that tastes like a peach Chobani yogurt.  The finish is a bit musty and barnyard like, which takes away from the beer ever so slightly… perhaps there were cobwebs in those old oak barrels?  As I finished the bottle I was also able to identify a slight pitted black olive taste (which is the mark for any good sour in my opinion).

IMG_9218Texturally, the beer was on point.  It was pretty thin, but again is spot on for the geuze/lambic/wild ale that Cisco made here.  The 4.88% ABV is again typical of the style and it’s certainly not the ABV that will make you stop at one bottle, but the tartness.  Carbonation is lively, but doesn’t detract from the brew in any way.

Overall:  I’d say Cisco did a good job here.  The flavors that one would expect from a sour aged brew come through, however the mustyness that I get from the flavor in the beer is a little off putting.  While it doesn’t ruin it, it does take away from what was a pretty enjoyable experience overall.  All things considered, this beer gets an A-.  Great beer, just a little rough around the edges.



2 thoughts on “Cisco Brewers Pechish Woods

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