Port Brewing Anniversary Ale


Anniversaries.  Kids love them, men forget them, and 30-somethings dread them.  But they all strike us at some point in our lives, and Port Brewing decided to commemorate it by making a hoppy brew.  Is it worth celebrating, or will it put them over the hump?  Time to run them numbers…

Appearance:  Very light golden color with a lasting and fluffy off white head.  A little cloudy, but looks like a very nice brew.

Smell: Bready and biscuity like an English ale, but I also got pine and fruit from the hops.  The longer I smell it the more tropical whiffs I get.

IMG_9206Taste:  Resin, alcohol, and syrup are first things that pop into my head after sipping this initially.  I immediately checked the label for the ABV and my initial reaction was supported as the brew clocks in at 10% even – a huge number for any hop-centric ale.  The big alcohol punch makes this tastes “darker” than it looks and the malt shines though in this beer more than anything else, besides the alcohol that is.  It’s as hardy as a five course pasta dinner at grandma’s on Sunday.  The alcohol has a warming feel all the way to the stomach – I’m finding this to be a nursing beer rather than a thirst quenching beer.

As hinted earlier, the mouthfeel on this brew is thick.  Like 70 dollar prime rib thick.  It’s really not all that enjoyable to drink a beer that is this beefy, yet is described as a “hop monster.”  Those two things don’t gel in my opinion and I’m left thinking that this tastes like an overmalted double IPA from the east coast than a southern Californian beach brew.

Overall:  I’m not really looking forward to drinking the rest of this bomber.  Too boozy for it to be enjoyable, especially considering this is really designed to be a double IPA.  I’d say this drinks more like a Sebago Full Throttle or a Dogfish 90 minute… and those two beers are poor showings as DIPAs go in my book.  I’d have to give this beer a C.  I know Beer Advocate rates it much higher, but I really am disappointed here.   Makes for a poor anniversary gift.



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