Jolly Pumpkin Luciérnaga


Nothing says summertime quite like BBQ, swimming pools, sandals mandals, and gleaming fireflies.  It’s time to ring in these 80 degree days with a little celebration, and here to help is is Jolly Pumpkin’s Firefly, also known as Luciérnaga.  This is a beer that is light, tart, oaked, and brilliant for a summer afternoon.  Let’s get into it.

IMG_8899Appearance: A hazy, golden brown body with a gentle white head.  Nice.

Smell: Lemon, creamy, wine, vinegar, apples.  Not a big hop aroma, but this beer has been aging for a bit – bottled in July of 2012, consumed almost two full years later.

Taste: First sip had an initial tart blast upfront, then kind of fell flat.  The second time around, it got slightly more interesting – the beer was slightly more hoppy and bitter, but it was hard to detect with the tartness of a Granny Smith still dominating.  The tannins from the oak paired with the hops in the brew left a lasting and distinct bitterness on the sides of the tongue at the finish, which was verrrry IMG_8915dry.  The spices in the beer are very subtle, and almost negligible in my opinion.  I have no ideal what Grains of Paradise taste like on their own, but I do get a little of the Sam Adams Summer taste mid palate.  Carbonation on Luciérnaga is great for the style that it is and the mouthfeel is thin on this beer, which is somewhat surprising seeing that it’s 6.5% ABV (and also subtly detectable as you continue to drink).

Overall:  A great beer from Jolly Pumpkin and a flattering final grade: A-.  Nice, fruity, tart, well rounded, and great poolside.  Get it!



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