Maine Beer Company Lunch


Bring you lunch box.  A phrase that connotes a rough day ahead full of hard work and laborious tasks.  Luckily for us, Maine Beer Company made a Lunch that allows us to put up our feet and escape the daily grind.  Let’s see if this brew is a nice end of the day reward, or a meal we can skip.  Time for the numbers…

IMG_8836Appearance: Golden brown with the slightest bit of haziness to the brew.  The beer is bottle conditioned, so I’m surprised that it’s not more cloudy, however as I poured seconds, it did murk up nicely.

Smell:  Mangoes, grapefruit, bubble gum, pineapple, and tropical fruits all around.  You do get a distinguishable hoppy/citrus smell too, but I think this one is going to be a juicy IPA.

IMG_8852Taste:  Very well balanced.  First sip is citrus, with a definitively hop kick.  The mangoes and pineapple from the smell do certainly come through in the taste and the malt adds a sweetness to the beer that plays off of the tropical fruits brilliantly – almost honey like.  Lunch has a bitter charge to it, but it’s not as intense as other IPAs can be and the hops here really add unique flavors to the beer rather than making it ultra bitter.  The ABV is pretty nice on this beer at an even 7% but you can’t detect it at all.  Mouthfeel is a littler thicker than most IPAs but it doesn’t detract from the brew at all and the carbonation is perfect.  A really clean drinking IPA for a hot day.

Overall:  Lunch gets an A.  Really hard to detract from this beer in any capacity and the taste rivals that of Abrasive or Heady.  Don’t forget to pack this in your brown bag.IMG_8846



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