Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza Blanca


What we have here today is a moment that should be enshrined in history.  When blogging about the beers I try here on Beer Chatter, I usually write a cleaver back-story first, then get into the brew.  I did the reverse here, and honestly, whatever I say right now is as insignificant as the second pick in the 2003 NBA draft.  For technical purposes, this is my 5th beer of 7 that will hit Beer Chatter that’s from Jolly Pumpkin – a brewery making splashes from the pure state of Michigan.  With that out of the way, let’s get into this.

IMG_8822Appearance: A hazy blonde brew that’s the envy of all women’s’ hair colors.  Terrifically cloudy and what you would expect from a bottle conditioned beer that’s been oaked.  Very nice color – it’s actually much lighter than what’s pictured in this post.

Smell: Lemons, apricots, Chardonnay, candied sugar, barnyard, hay.  My heavens, this is one complexly smelling brew.  This beer is like the first spring day filled with vivaciousness and blooming with life.  Wonderfully inviting and ready to admired…

IMG_8810Taste: Wine tartness, followed by unripened peaches, lemon zest, apricots, and a little barnyard action (my guess is from brett).  The slightest bit of bitterness; the tannins from the oak give off just a tinge of a briney, Greek pitted olive taste.  It has the perfect amount of tartness in that it does not make your lips pucker, but it makes you appreciate the care and craft that went into making a beer that Walden or Thoreau could write poetry about.  This beer is so drinkable and so incredible that I found myself halfway through the 750 in 5 minutes.  It’s incredibly light, zesty, and spot on with its carbonation (it is more carbonated than most beers, but it works IMG_8829perfectly here.)  The ABV is nothing shocking at only 4.8%, but what it lacks in a boozy punch is made up in its complexity.  I can’t seem to put this beer down… you have to pick it up.

Overall: I think you know where this is heading… it gets an overwhelming A+ and a spot into the hall of fame.  It rivals Bam Bière as my favorite brew of all time, which is also made by Jolly Pumpkin.  Pick this up – it’s an experience in a glass.



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