New England Brewing Coriolis


Local breweries.  Some of them are admired because hey, they make beer and hey, they’re in my back yard.  The problem with a lot of them however is that the beer is pretty crappy, yet people support them because they’re the little guy.  Luckily for nutmeggers, any brewery can be local in the third smallest state in the union, and at least one of them has to make fantastic beer.  Enter New England Brewing Company.  Located in Woodbridge, this is the beer mecca for all Connecticut residents.  The most hard to come by brew in any liquor store in the Constitution State is ironically made in the Constitution State (which no question is Gandhi Bot made by… yup, you guessed it, New England Brewing).  As great is Gandhi Bot is, their brewery only stuff is usually better by miles, and one of those beers happens to be Coriolis, an intensely bitter double IPA.  How is it?  Time to run them numbers…

Appearance: Partly cloudly with a chance of hops.  Really nice and hazy – incredibly inviting to drink.

IMG_8773Smell: Tons of tropical fruits, earthy hops, grapefruit, and citrus.  As my glass neared its end, the grain from the brew could really be identified too.  I’d say German malt that’s bready and biscuity like mom’s homemade dinner rolls.

Taste: Dank, dank, dank.  The hops in here are super earthy and (pardon me for mentioning it again,) dank.  There is certainly no confusing this for an IPA.  The tropical notes subside, but this IPA is still very juicy.  The most prominent of all the fruits is the grapefruit in the brew – it’s very bitter, but not in an unpleasant way and Coriolis is extremely thirst quenching for an IPA – I could drink this all day.  I find it more assertive and bitter than a beer like Heady Topper which has a ton of tropical flavors, but not a big hop punch.  Coriolis definitely has that hop uppercut to the jaw as you drink and it’s in your face.  At first it can be a bit much, but as you drink it just gets better and better.  I am really diggin’ on this brew.  Mouth feel and carbonation are perfect, although the dank and resiny taste of the brew can make it seem a bit syrupy.  For 8.2% ABV, it has a very nice drinkability.  One thing that I do notice is that the grain profile in here does shine through.  Not too many uber IPAs have the ability to do that, but I really admire how NEB Co. can pack such a hop punch, yet is delicate enough to allow the malt to peak through.

Overall:  This beer gets a solid A and is on the verge of earning a +.  An unbelievable hopped up IPA with a great aroma, taste, and finish.  The one knock on this beer is that it’s brewery only, not brewed often, and sells out quick.  It can be tough to get your hands on it, but it’s worth driving for.



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