Evil Twin Femme Fatale Yuzu Pale IPA


My brother stole all the fruit.  He’s an evil twin.  Hey, speaking of evil twins, Evil Twin brewing made and IPA with fruit! …Wait a second… where’s inspector gadget when you need him?  Go-go gadget bottle opener… time to run them numbers.

Appearance: Dare I say Bud heavy in color?  It’s super filtered and had a white head that vanished pretty quickly.  I expected this to be a little hazy, but hey, still looks good… just seems to lack a little personalty on looks alone.  But as Lee Corso would say, “NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND!”  There was sediment and on the final pour, it all came out.

IMG_8597Smell: Holy mangoes!  Never had yuzu, but you do get such a pronounced smell of tropical fruits.  Sweet mangoes, citrus, floral, kiwi, grapefruit, orange oil… very fruity.

Taste:  Follows the nose – sweet and bitter.  A big mango taste balanced with a nice sugary sweetness followed by a bitter hop kick at the finish.  A really awesome beer.  Very drinkable IPA and the 6% ABV is totally undetectable.  Not a lot of negative things to say about this brew other than perhaps it may be a tad too sweet.  The tropical flavors from other IPAs like Heady or Abrasive come from the hop variety themselves with no help from any fruit, so to have those tastes isn’t anything new from an IPA, however the sweetness that hangs around isn’t typical of any other IPA I’ve had.  If your a little nervous drinking the stuff from India, then this would be a good introduction to the style.

Overall: A.  It’s a great beer for citrus/tropical IPA lovers.  It might be a little too sweet for a 22, but I’m crushin’ on this brew.  Yuzu for everyone!



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