Schneider Weisse Mein Nelson Sauvin


No big back story here guys.  Sorry.  All I have to say is check the brew date if you’re consuming a beer where hops are a big part of the flavor.  This was consumed in 2014, but brewed in 2011.  For those of you who don’t know, Nelson Sauvin is a hop variety grown in Australia/New Zealand primarily, and gives off a unique tropical, grape taste.  Time to drink this three year old beer… let’s do the numbers…

Appearance:  Golden brown and unfiltered – it is much ligher in person than it is in the pictures

IMG_8396Smell:  Yeasty, fruity, coriander, melon, grapes… but mainly yeasty.

Taste:  Very light and very drinkable.  A lot of yeasty flavors in here along with some sweet bready characteristics as well.  I’ve never had a strait Nelson Sauvin IPA, so I can’t really definitely identify Nelson hops, but I certainly get a musty grape flavor in here, which would align with what that hop variety is described as.  It’s not at all bitter and the dominant flavor is that yeasty, sweet, basement grape taste.

Mouthfeel is pretty thin and the carbonation is a bit lax in my opinion, but for 7.3% ABV, it drinks pretty smooth.

Overall:  Not the best beer in the world, and certainly not worth it’s 15+ dollar price tag, but it’s unique.  The oddly sweet grape flavor doesn’t get cut with really any bitterness or sourness, so it is a bit one dimensional for me.  I’m sure if I drank this shortly after it was brewed in 2011, it would have been pretty awesome, but 3 years later, not as impressive.  I’ll give this a C.  A one trick pony who’s only trick isn’t so spectacular.



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