Three Floyds Alpha King


IMG_7851Three Floyds, from Munster, Indiana, is known as one of the best breweries in the United States.  Super hard to find, all of their beers typically are very hoppy and pack a punch.  I happened to get my hands on their best beer, Alpha King.  How do I know it’s their best beer?  The name… if you have the intestinal fortitude to name your brew “Alpha King” then it better deliver.  Described as an American Pale Ale (guess they don’t like diversity) brewed with centennial, cascade, and warrior hops, this beer should taste nice and demonic with 66 IBUs and a 6.66 % ABV.  I’m feeling all sinister and hedonistic right now!  Will it be a Shakespearean rose of any other name, or will it deliver?  Time to run them numbers.

IMG_7940Appearance: Darker than expected, an amber/orange color with a light tan head.  Some sediment floating around in there, but not at all murky, pretty translucent.  The dark color has me a little concerned… I think this will be a maltier than I expected.

Smell: A big hop punch: pine, citrus, slightly musty.  A big fruity smell coming from the head and you get sweet sugar smell coming from the malts in the brew.  Nothing too specific that I can identify, but a big hop punch.

Taste: I have to say at first sip I’m disappointed.  I had this beer hyped in my head to be something better than this.  A piney first sip that gave way to fruit undertones – raspberry, apples, passion fruit, however it lacks citrus acidity that one would expect from the hop variety used here.  It’s pretty easy to drink, but it’s really not all that complex.  Finishes pretty heavy with a malt sweetness, and has a little too much body on it for my liking (especially for an IPA).

IMG_7867Overall: B.  Really not blown away by this brew, but as soon as I poured it, I didn’t think it would live up to other citrus IPAs, purely based on it’s color.  I tend not to like darker IPAs because they have too much of a malt body on them.  I want my IPA to be hoppy, floral, and citrusy, not something where the malt makes you take a back seat to those flavors.  For being nearly impossible to find on the east coast, the trouble is not worth hunting this one down.  I haven’t had 60 Minute in a long time, but this brew reminds me of Dogfish’s signature brew with maybe a little more fruitiness to it.  This brew is definitely not an Alpha King.



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