Sixpoint Bengali Tiger


Sixpoint.  As an economist, I feel that that’s a pretty stupid name for a brewing company.  Four points is as equally effective and certainly much more cost efficient that six, but I digress.  Sixpoint…….. is brewed out of the Excelsior State (those who saw Silver Linings Playbook will get that one).  Being from Connecticut, I can appreciate that it’s brewed somewhat locally, but since it’s not from New England, I really want to hate it.  Will it be worse than Alex Rodriguez’s 100+ million dollar contract?  Let’s do the numbers…

IMG_6222IMG_6221Appearance: Bengali poured a darker than expected caramel color and it gave off an off white head that actually retained itself pretty nicely for an IPA.  I was a bit nervous because dark IPAs typically taste like a sloppy hop & malt one night stand that leaves a week long feeling of shame that even the Situation couldn’t shower off.  I wonder if the smell will be a hot hop mess too…

IMG_6212_2Smell: Floral, pine, citrus, malt, bready, and a little bit grassy in that order.  Equation: there is hope that this brew will deliver like Karl Malone receiving a John Stockton pass Monday – Saturday at around 2:00.

IMG_6225Taste: At first sip, I was presently surprised.  Bengali is more mild than I expected (more Bobcat than Tiger), however you get the hop bitterness on the sides of the tongue, but it’s nice that the hops do not overwhelm the brew.  Mildly floral, great creamy mouthfeel, and perfectly carbonated – very, very drinkable.  The finish is slightly sweet from the malt, then the claws come out to transition back to the lingering bitterness on the sides of the tongue with a kick of lemon rind that leaves even Bear Grills feeling a bit scared.  Sixpoint did something that is often hard for craft brewers to do… make a 6.4% ABV India Pale Ale that doesn’t taste like hop syrup.

Overall:  BenIMG_6241gali gets a solid A-.  Although it comes in a four pack, the cans are 16 oz, which actually equates to 89% of a traditional six pack.  And at only $7.99 at Southington Wine and Spirits, I felt that I was getting a better bargain than poppin’ tags at the Christmas Tree Shop.  The hop bite is definitely present, but the mildness makes it perfect for a summer gathering.  All of your silly friends who are drinking musty basement… I mean, Leinenkugel Summer Shandy… will be jealous (sorry guys).  So jealous that they wish they were Allan from The Hangover waking up in a bathroom… because they want that Tiger!!



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