AleSmith Speedway Stout


Beer chatter express here.  Noticed that this beer was on Brew Gene’s top 25 list and pulled the trigger when it was on let’s pour.  Time for the numbers:

IMG_5024A: Dark and bold with zero head.  The beer itself looked great, but the vessel that it came out of on the other hand left much to be desired.  Crusty dried stout lined the opening of the bottle which was a pretty big turnoff.  Can you imagine what it’d look like if it was aged for the suggested 6 – 24 months?

S: Alcohol, Big Malt, Chocolate, Coffee, Molasses, Cream.  The typical big, aggressive flavors you’d expect from a deep stout.  It smells like a dream breakfast for a Canadian.

IMG_4996T: Huge alcohol and molasses taste at first.  If you didn’t see it in the fine print, you can most certainly tell this beer is 12% ABV upon it soaking into your tongue.  Really rich, and also fairly bitter for a stout.  No hops at all – the bitterness comes from the malt/alcohol combo.  The mouth-feel is very thick and the brew left a righteous lacing down the sides.  This might be the thickest beer I’ve ever had; perfectly acceptable for a raw winter night.  There is a spiciness to the beer similar to that of black liquorish.  A lot of flavors are masking themselves behind the alcohol and bitterness.  It’s surprisingly tough to find the coffee, chocolate, and roasted malts in this, which is something I personally don’t like.  If I have a stout, I want to taste those elements in the beer, not have them be overshadowed by a brick wall of alcohol bitterness.  Espresso seems to be the most dominate of those former three flavors mentioned.  The beer is good, certainly not great.

Overall: B-  You get more alcohol than anything out of this beer… too much so.  Pick up something with a little more flavor and a little less DUI.



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