Boulevard Brewing Company Doube-Wide IPA

Hurricanes in New England, a Snovember Nor’easter, and yet another Halloween held hostage by mother nature.  Crazy weather calls for crazy beer… something that’s hurricane proof, wind proof, and snow proof.  It only seems natural to drink a brew that actually claims itself to be, “twister proof.”  Twisters in New England?  Hey, you never know, but from that description, you’re probably thinking Midwest.  And because you’re not an idiot, you’re right!  This twister proof beer makes its way from the barbecue capital of the world, Kansas City, Missouri.  Boulevard Brewing brings us their version of a double IPA eloquently named Double-Wide IPA.  Yes, it’s the beer favored by Shawn Hunter.  Nothing says “twister proof” quite like a foundationless trailer, but don’t worry, it’s a double wide.  With my cynicism raging, I uncorked and ran those numbers.

Appearance: Darker than most IPAs, it has dark amber color, which to most people just looks brown (and rightfully so).  Very hazy and murky as the brew is bottle conditioned.  Off-white, tanish head that left behind nice lacing after the initial pour.  Got a little messy when pouring, that head rose quickly.

Smell: Smells like a wonderful IPA.  Fresh hops is the first thing I notice, and there is a piney smell in there too.  Slightly floral, wild flowers, and light citrus.  The smell for me is really more one dimensional with a strong hop presence dominating the brew, with other smaller scents barely making an appearance.

Taste:  Bitter hops hits you in the mouth, but is balanced out by a caramel malt taste.  After you get rid of the bitterness at first, it transforms into a sweeter brew and finishes with an alcohol-hoppy bite.  Malt and hops really stick out, the floral taste remains buried and it lacks the lemon/citrus many IPAs have.  Tastes more like an East Coast IPA rather than a lighter West Coast IPA.  Not really multidimensional, but then again the Hunter family was pretty simple folk.  At 8.5% ABV, the brew delivered with the alcohol, but these 22 ounces took some time to get down.  Double-Wide sat heavy (maybe that’s why it’s twister proof?)… it was tough to get through one bottle, but that could also be me being a Yankee pansy.

Overall, I’d give this brew a low B.  Not the most enjoyable double IPA, but to be fair, I had this in late October where I’m beginning to get sick of hops.  It’s hard to get on the East coast, but you really shouldn’t care, there are better brews out there worth your cash… you can shop around to find the Jack Hunter’s of beer.


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