Cisco Lady of the Woods

The Lady guards her booty well.  Get your mind out of the gutter.  All that means was that I had to use a pair of pliers to get the cork out.  It was a stubborn bottle, but I have a feeling that it’s a small price to pay for this brew.

Lady of the Woods is a “pecheish” style brew made on the not so tropical island of Nantucket.  (When I first had this gem it was at the brewery and the head brewer described this as a pecheish beer.)  Cisco brewers delivers a distinctive beer with this one.  She may be a lady, but she has some man power.  She knows what she wants, and isn’t afraid to be assertive.  Not sure what I mean?  Let’s cut to brass tax and do those numbers.

Appearance:  Light in color, but murky.  It had some sediment in the bottle, but for being a “pecheish” beer, I wasn’t expecting to see that.  The brew had virtually no head, I poured right down the middle of the glass and got very little froth.  What was there subsided immediately.

Smell:  As soon as she gave it up… the bottle that is… the brew smelled like champagne.  It immediately hit me in the face, I didn’t even have to get close to the glass to smell that.  It smells tart, makes your mouth water just sniffing it.  You get some stale yogurt in there too, probably raspberry flavored.  Some funky yeast makes it way up the sniffer as well as a limey smell.

Taste:  Ohh emm gee.  Let me think about this… it tastes heavenly.  Heavy lactic flavor, which explodes the sour taste-buds in your mouth; they probably stood no chance as soon as you picked this beer up at the package store.  Interestingly, although the beer is sour, it lingers with an oaky finish, which is unique to most barrel aged beers I’ve had so far.  I typically get none of the oak, but here it hits you about 20 seconds after you finish a sip.  It’s almost like drinking a barrel aged chardonnay.  You can most certainly tell this beer was introduced to a renewable resource.  The brew also has a nice sort of funk to it, as if it was a batch of Grey Lady gone wrong.  It definitely is citrusy too, the best way to describe the citrus taste would be to eat the zest of a lime.  It’s sour, but also bitter (in a very unhoppy way).  With only 5.2% ABV, you can spoil yourself and get two of these in one sitting (in terms of ABV only… more on that soon), that’s if your wallet can handle it.  Eighteen dollars per bottle, but it is an experience.  The brew is drinkable, and the first one will go down like nothing, however about half way through the second pour, I hit a wall.  Compare this beer to a wedge of blue cheese.  At first you keep nicking at it with a knife loving the aggressive flavors, but after a while, there’s just too much funk.  Perhaps you shouldn’t get two bottles after all…

All things considered, a wonderful beer for a summer outing.  Can’t imagine having all this tart in the winter, so get one and pop it before September 22!  The lady shines with an overall grade of an A.  It’s very very good, however unlike the cliche, too much of a good thing could be enough.  I praise her brash character, but deduct her on long term relationship skills… I can’t imagine having anymore than 22oz in a day.  Give her a shot, she’s got a great personality.


2 thoughts on “Cisco Lady of the Woods

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