Allagash Interlude

I tried Allagash Interlude on my brewery tour of Maine and remember it tasting a little funky, but decided to give it another shot from the bottle.  After a wonderful experience with Curieux, I decided that the ~20 dollar price tag was worth it (it was a pay day).  It was a unique experience, but the money could have been better spent.  Let’s do the numbers:

Appearance:  While I was pouring the beer, I was struck as to how loud the head sounded.  I know it’s a strange thing to notice, but it was something that stood out.  Certainly not positive nor negative.  Back to the beer, the head was off white, and not very thick.  The beer also poured cloudy, and was an amber/orange color.  There was also a bit of sediment floating around in the beer, not shocking as you could even see it in the dark bottle.

Smell:  First thing that came into my head: salty kiwi.  Have I ever had salty kiwi before?  no, but I know what the beachy/salty smell is and I know what kiwi is. I also got some toasted hops, grape, citrus, slight Skittle smell, wheat

Taste: Odd taste.  Wheaty up front, but the bitterness from the hops hits all over your tongue.  Also, bitterness could be from the tannins in the wine barrels.  A little bit of that wild yeast comes in with the wheaty taste upfront. Finishes much like a rich red wine.  a little back of the throat burn going down, not very surprising at 9.5% ABV.  Gets better as you drink, but the bitterness to me is the star of the show.  Bitter in a red wine way, not bitter in an IPA way.  There is a little funk in this beer, much like a pungent blue cheese.  Not incredibly drinkable, long pauses between sips, but to be fair, this brew is not meant to funnel or to be drunk while mowing the lawn.  Lightly Carbonated.

Overall: C+/B-  Appreciate the creativity and boldness of wild yeast, but doesn’t deliver on taste.


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