Dogfish Head Pangaea

When you think about it, we all come from a broken family.  It’s sad when everybody drifts apart, but it’s important to remember where you came from.  Luckily for us, Dogfish Head allows us to remember our family any time we want with their beer, Pangaea.  What the hell am I talking about?

Well, take yourself back to the days of your ninth grade science class with Mrs. Romeo… if we recall, Pangaea was the super continent that existed long before the days of these shabby regular continents.  Earthquakes and convergent plates tore apart Pangaea with shamelessness and vigor, leaving us with North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Antarctica, Asia, and Africa.  Dogfish reunites this kin better than a Flanders family reunion, which will leave you saying, “agoogley doogley!” and will put Lord Thistlewick Flanders to shame.  How?  Dogfish takes an ingredient from every one of these continents and brews them up to create the magical elixir, keeping in line with their philosophy of off-centered ales for off-centered people.

Now that we know the meaning of the brew, let’s do the numbers.

Appearance:  Pangaea poured a dark burnt orange, murky color which looked inviting and heavenly.  It’s nice to see off the cuff beers look like beer, unlike Magic Hat Wacko.  It looks great.  The brew poured with a very small head especially with a straight down the middle pour, no tilt of the glass.  Usually I find myself twiddling my thumbs as  the head goes down so I can finally take a sip, but not the case with Pangaea.  The brew did not leave much lacing either, which was not surprising given the lack of head.

Smell:  Man oh man, this guy was interesting.  My notes while I was wafting: spicy, cinnamon, ginger, all spice, pumpkin, pepper.  I got a lot of aggressive scents here, and not much of the hoppy smell in the brew.  It had me anxious as I was about to taste.

Taste: Pangaea was an aggressive beer, not for the tired, poor, or huddled masses.  The first thing I noticed was the beer’s spicy, bold flavors – the same ones that I got with the nose.  The ginger made an appearance in the beer, but it wasn’t somthing that was at all off putting.  When I think ginger in beer, I think worst idea ever – not the case though.  The beer itself was not very hoppy (although you did get some), the spices really dominated, however it still had the beer-y taste, unlike Victory Golden Monkey (which just tasted like black gumdrops).  The beer was surprisingly pumkiny and reminded me a lot like a spiced up pumpkin ale, this would be great for the fall.  For being such an aggressive beer, it was very well balanced, this beer could easily go astray, but its aggressive taste was mellowed out by the hops and malt of the brew.

Overall:  For being as pungent as this beer was, it was surprisingly pleasant to drink.  As soon as I was finished with my first glass, I immediately poured my second one.  It seems like it’d be tough to get through, but went down cleanly and had me feeling pretty good at 7% ABV.  The end result: a powerful beer serving as a nice change of pace, especially during the fall.  Overall: B+


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