Huyghe Delirium Tremens

Elephants, alligators, and dragons!! Oh my!  That’s the first thing one notices when picking up this brew for the first time, mainly because it takes some time to figure out the text on the label.  I thought for sure I was drinking BEUIRI[something]M.  A little Googling, and I could finally correctly label this mighty fine Belgian.

Big brother had  Delirium Tremens in CA, and when he came back to CT, he bought me it (along with several other bottles) for Christmas.  I think this was right up there with the Crashback and N64 for top Christmas gifts of all time.  Not to mention the stocking stuffers of mini Russel Stover Chocolates.  After sitting in my fiance’s wine rack (which is now a beer rack to her chagrin), it was time to put in the ol’ refrigerator.

It was teasing me in there for a while, and finally, it was time to pop the cork.  In the words of Marketplace Morning Report, “Lets do the numbers:”

Appearance – Light in color, with little sediment at first pour.  I was surprised by this because all traditional Belgians that I’ve had were always tough to see through and cloudy.  On second pour though, out came the sediment.  It was sitting at the bottom the whole time and couldn’t be spotted because of the paint on the bottle.  The head had little retention and virtually no lacing and was a bright white color.

Smell – Slightly like champagne, with the smell of orange oil and coriander coming through at first whiff.  At second whiff, I also got a wheaty smell, but it was not overly yeasty at all.  Some banana and fruit notes also were scattered throughout the brew too.  Very pleasant and nothing alarming.

Taste – Very light, not overpowering, very refreshing.  Doesn’t punch you in the mouth, orange peel comes through, slightly bitter after taste that dances on your tongue.  Also has a metaly bud light after, after taste, slightly floral too. Feels restricted as a Belgian, was expecting more of an aggressive taste out of the brew, but appreciate the refined approach with it still being 8.5% ABV.  Kudos for not having it taste like yeast.  Excellent mouth-feel and very drinkable.  Easily finish-able in one sitting, especially for a 22 oz beer

A good change of pace and a solid brew, but doesn’t blow me out of the water.  Overall: B, just missing the +.


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