Peak Organic Oak Aged Mocha Stout

Looks good, tastes better. Smells like…. heaven! Go to Twitter all you techies, this one, you must rave about. Whoops… I think I just gave away the entire entry in one sentence. Oh well, #peakheaven! The last brew I tried from Peak failed, it was their Weiss Principal, and man… it tasted unique, but not in a good way. It was kind of like when your teacher responded to the comment you made in class as, “interesting.” Forget the past, and embrace the present. Peak Organic’s Oak Aged Mocha Stout delivers. And yes, for all of you hipsters out there (Bobby), it is local, and it truly is organic, which will help suit all of your pretensions.

I decided to go with this brew as it was labeled, “Murph’s Pick” at the local package store. Now, I can tell you I have no clue who Murph is, but with a name as eloquent as Murph, I had to trust him. Especially approaching St. Patty’s day, how could I go against the Murph man? I can tell you Murph stared me in the right direction.  If there is one thing the Irish know its getting drunk off of stouts… (that and their divine affair with potatoes).

As mentioned before, in another blog, I feel a connection with Maine beers, and I’m glad Peak delivered with this one. And I was so ready to give it a horrible review; after recently making a beer voyage to the vacation state, I learned that Peak did not offer tours of its facility. I was pretty enraged about this and was ready to throw down the proverbial hammer (which is known in the blogging world as the bad review) but I gave it an honest shot. I am glad I did not let my hate get in the way of this review… if I could only say the same about my driving on I-84…

Let’s get to the brass tax – the brew poured a very dark brown; the only way I could tell that it wasn’t black was because in our house (aka apartment), we use 100W light bulbs and up to the light, you saw the lovely brown hue. The head was a creamy, brown khaki colored foam that emitted the most pleasant smell of dark. Now, I know dark is not a smell, but if you could imagine that it was, this is what the beer smelled like. A beautiful sent of oak permeated the nose and right after the wood came the chocolate with the slightest hint of vanilla. Oak was the first thing that I noticed, then the dark malts and chocolate came from the beer, the mocha though was hidden from the nose and was faint.  It was also tough to distinguish the chocolate smell from the coffee smell simply because the two complement one another so well, but I picked up the chocolate more, I’m sure other sniffers will experience something a little different.  Nonetheless, it was an bold smelling brew. I was happy about this, because although it is March, it is currently 31 degrees outside and I needed something dark to complete the winter feeling I have. In the words of one Jerry Maguire, this completed me.

After being hypnotized by the smell I had to dig in. Wow. Wow. Wow. Did I mention #peakheaven!? I could not ask for anything more. It was labeled an Oak Aged Mocha Stout, and that is exactly what it tasted like. I definitely got the smokiness of the oak, and the bitterness of the coco, and then came the malt sweetness. A very, very well balanced beer. The Oak certainly adds a layer of depth and mystery to the beer which you will not get with any other chocolate stout. Also, coffee made an appearance in the brew too, but like I said, it perfectly balanced itself with the chocolate and the oak. If you happen to be a fan of chocolate covered espresso beans (which happened to be my favorite thing this past winter), then you will love this beer. After drinking it, I felt like I had just ripped off my shirt in 17 degree weather, chopped down the biggest pine tree, hunted the largest moose, and made the most bad ass campfire. A spot on winter beer from Maine will make you think that. I bow to the Peak Gods, and will try to never let their brand name of “organic” get my mind as pretentious ever again. In fact, if they only told me to eat Maine pine-cones for the rest of my life because they were “organic,” I might just do it. Kudos to Peak, and thank you for restoring my faith in you. A: for solid taste and a hearty New England flavor in 31 degree weather.


One thought on “Peak Organic Oak Aged Mocha Stout

  1. I’m assuming by reading your review that you picked this up at Southington Wine and Spirit on Queen St. Murph, if you’d like to know, is their resident craft beer expert and a good friend of mine. If you spend enough time looking at the craft beer wall, he’ll stop by and say hello. I go in there just to have him tell me what I should be picking up any given week.

    I picked out the Oak Aged this evening after really enjoying the King Crimson last week. Definitely one of the better coffee-based stouts I’ve had this year and the oak-aged really comes out nicely. If you like this style and happen to buy beer in NY or Ma, look for Great Divide Espresso Oak Aged Yeti.


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