Wrasslers XXXX Full Stout

I’ll never understand why some people have the jobs that they do.  Some companies put so little effort into who they hire, that you’ll be stupefied as to why someone so unskilled, untalented, and God awful at what they do, has a job.  Take, for example, Mark Sinclair Vincent, other wise know as Vin Diesel.  Here is somebody who has absolutely no business staring in a television commercial, let alone a Hollywood movie.  He has no personality, a monotone voice, and I am convinced that he can’t read either.  I thought he was bad in The Fast and the Furious, but he was even more deplorable in xXx.  Two ways to make that movie better?  Assassinate Mark Sinclair Vincent in an action packed movie where a car would fly into his house, or go the legal rout and just add another ‘X’ to the title.  If four X’s work for Porterhouse Brewing Company, they may even work for a Vin Diesel film.

Wrasslers XXXX Full Stout is a hearty Irish stout that is made by Poterhouse Brewing and is also imported from Ireland.  The most unique thing about this brew was the way you had to open it.  It was in an 11.2 oz bottle, but had a pull tab to pour out the goodness – I never saw anything like this, especially on American crafts.  Once opened, it poured a very dark brown, almost black and gave a pleasant khaki colored head.  It smelled like a typical stout – roasty, malty, and a little chocolatey, but no coffee hints from the brew.  I picked up nothing with the nose that was all to interesting with this stout, but it smelled enticing enough to drink right away.  It tasted great – very roasty with the malt coming through.  It was not very complex and was fantastic for what it was, however other stouts add depth and further character.  It felt like the full stout was missing something; it tasted very nice in the beginning, but the finish was lacking flavor.  It’s a stout that is better that Guinness, however with a hefty price tag, I’d adventure to see what other brewers have (in full 12 oz bottles might I add).  It was very drinkable, and unlike its name, it didn’t fill you up, but it also wasn’t a full stout as it could have added an extra something… perhaps another ‘X’ would have done the trick.  Overall: B+


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