Homebrew: Dirty Pig IPA

It was a tough call – is it Filthy Pig IPA or Dirty Pig IPA?  A colleague of mine is a big homebrewer and he had me over to try his very own creation.  It was a hop experiment that produced something wonderful, but he wasn’t quite sure how alcoholic it would be.  The brew is named after one of his sons… I know it starts with a C, but not sure if it’s big brother or middle brother.  Regardless, he measured the final ABV and it was a wonderful 7%, but not quite an imperial by definition so it was toned down from Filthy Pig to Dirty Pig.  But a beer by any other name would have tasted as bitter.

After a pint was poured for me, I had at it.  The smell coming off of the brew was very citrusy, a wonderful grapefruit smell lingered from the head, it smelled so nice that it was hard to pick up other notes.  The brew was amber-hued and was perfectly translucent, which is often tough to get when homebrewing.  With no sediment in the brew and curious to see what it tasted like, I dug in.  All the citrus coming off was very subtle with the sour bitterness of the hops coming through.  At 7% ABV, it was incredibly smooth and very very tasty.  Hints of lemon also lingered through as well and it was not as piney as other east coast IPAs typically are (which is a fantastic thing).  It would be easy to have 4 of these in a short amount of time as it was very drinkable (don’t let the name fool you).  I was impressed for having an IPA this smooth and it being homebrewed.  Overall, I’d give it a solid B+ with it finishing above a Harpoon IPA, but below a Lagunitas.  Pick one up at your local packie… oh wait, just brew your own.  CHEERS!


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