Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

So it’s winter time.  Christmas cookies, fire, turkey, snow, Santa, family, beer, and celebration.  Celebration is one good beer, but I think it’s about 5 months too early.  I like the idea of a winter seasonal that doesn’t have spices, but this brew is hoppy!  Is that a good thing.. well yeah, but I like me a hearty winter beer, something that will put me in hibernation until March – a stout or porter will do the trick, so that’s why I was a little thrown off by Celebration Ale.  It’s not as dark or roasty as I was expecting, but it is as good as an IPA can get.

The brew poured a with a nice amber hue and left behind a cream colored head that had some pretty good retention and left a lace behind that was prettier that Gram’s Christmas doyley.  Celebration reeked of hops and some light pine (which may be the connection to Christmas… Christmas Tree… Celebration Ale… winter time… it’s a stretch).  The beer was not translucent which was nice to see out of a clean tasting IPA.  Taste didn’t differ much from the smell… strong hops dominate the flavor and a tingle of sweetness is left on the tongue.  Overall, a very good beer, but I may buy some now and crack them open in 5 months when it’s IPA time.  Celebration is a nice break from the traditional winter beer and is definitely worth trying.  For all you hop heads out there, this is your winter brew.  Overall: B+, with point deductions for a lack of a winter feel.  Pick up a 12er of this.


2 thoughts on “Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

  1. Daniel, Celebration used to be a year-round festival for the tongue. About 2 years ago they pulled it and started just putting it out seasonally. A crock in my opinion. However, I would mark it a A-, A for awesome – because my favorite session IPA is now a seasonal.-Cody

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