Southern Tier Mokah

I‘ll start with a bowl of chowder and then I’ll have the prime rib with a side of mashed potatoes.  And for dessert?  Southern Tier Mokah please.

If you pair this beer with anything but a hot fudge sundae, brownies, or cake, I think you will be making a mistake.  Happy cows come from California?  Pffffffff… happy cows make beer.  The proof is in the substance that tastes like pudding.  Bill Cosby should have been endorsing Mokah allll along.

I originally bought the brew to use in some chili, the new gastro thing is to put chocolate in chili, the old tailgating thing was to but beer in chili… figured Mokah was the best of both worlds.  Of course, I can’t give away my culinary secrets, but there was some brew to spear, so I had to give it a try.  The brew flowed out black and left behind a caramel lacing as I drank.  It tasted sweet, chocolatey, and like a liquified candy bar.  Hints of nuttiness came through too, but to be honest, I didn’t get much of the coffee, which was deceptive given its name.  Chocolate came through in its scent, but not anything at all artificial, which was extremely refreshing.  The mouth-feel was very thick and creamy and the brew had little carbonation and finished with a chocolate taste.  Surprisingly, for being an imperial beer (11.2% ABV), you really didn’t get the alcohol coming through as one would expect; to me this was a positive, often imperials can be tough to get down, however the alcohol wasn’t the problem with the drinkibliity here.  Because the beer is so thick and sweet, it would be tough to get through a 22 oz bottle without sharing it with friends.  That being said, it’s worth trying.  If you were to pick this up and share it with friends at a dinner party as the desert (seriously), then it would be an interesting experience for all, even those who idiotically say, “But I don’t like beer.”  Try it during the holidays, it really is quite interesting.  Overall I give it a B.  It’s not a “beer” beer, but it tastes great for a novelty, which many breweries don’t really shoot for.  Here’s to dessert.


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