New England Brewing Gandhi-Bot Double IPA


Recently (January, 2015), there has been quite the controversy over the name of New England Brewing Company’s most famous and widely sought after Double IPA, Gandhi-Bot.  Some argue that the name disrespects Gandhi, however, NEB Co discerningly named this beer to pay homage to a man whom they greatly respect.  They even botted dotted their i‘s and crossed their t‘s by showing the label to Gandhi’s grandson and granddaughter.  Gandhi’s grandchildren admired the label and had no qualms with it.  Gandhi represented all that’s right in the world, and this Double IPA does the same.  It may seem pretty hubristic to put the most famous man from India on the label of an IPA, however if Gandhi-Bot didn’t live up to its moniker, then the people who drink it would be marching to the New England Brewery demanding justice, respect, and equality… and of course a name change too.  Time for them numbers…

Appearance:  Cloudy, hazy orange with a nearly white head that laced beautifully as I drank.  Love the look of this brew, it’s a little darker than most west coast IPAs, but not as dark as it’s pictured.

Smell:  A huge floral note emits from this brew along with some citrus in the form of grapefruit and orange. Nice dankness from the hops, and the grains aren’t really to be found in the brew.  Some pine and resin does emerge from the brew as well.

Taste:  I was astounded how drinkable this double IPA was; it was like 9% alcoholic silk was running down your throat.  I was really angry at the package store for only selling me one of these guys… this beer is limited, but more on that later.  The taste was phenomenal: strongly hoppy at first, but it finished with a well balanced malty sweetness and a little spicyness, which made the double IPA very drinkable as mentioned before.  The hardest part of a double or imperial IPA is getting the drinkibility down, but I was really impressed with the finish of this brew – sharply bitter and nice grapefruit/hoppy note.  The citrus is IMG_1292in there as well, and even the grains could be seen in such a hop forward beer.

As mentioned before, this beer is very tough to find. I walked into the package store and the brew was nowhere to be seen.  (I  knew to look for the beer after a buddy of mine gave me a can of it).   I actually had to ask for the beer by name, and when I did it was like a shady backroom board deal just went down.  “Yea… we have that” said the clerk.  “I have to go get it.  We can only sell you one can though, you want it room temp or cold?”  If you’re from Connecticut, these conversations are common place when it comes to trying to find Gandhi-Bot.  It’s ironic that the best beer sold to package stores in Connecticut is also the hardest to find even though it’s brewed in Connecticut.

Overall:  So is the search for this beer worth it?  Yes.  This beer gets an A.  It is my favorite Double IPA in New England that doesn’t come in a growler (my favorite is actually also from NEB Co.)  Pick it up… if you can find it.


3 thoughts on “New England Brewing Gandhi-Bot Double IPA

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