Ipswich Oatmeal Stout

No need for mom’s handwritten notes in your lunch box to warm your stomach anymore, all you need is a bottle of Ipswich.  Drinking this beer is like drinking a campfire: warm, roasty, smokey, inviting, and friendly.  If you drink with the seasons, then this is perfect for the colder weather, and of course, you retain that New England pride (especially in the fall) as this brew comes from the Commonwealth.

I always wanted to try this brew, I love the artwork and I love a hearty stout with complexity and boldness.  This beer delivers.  It pours an oil black with a rich butterscotch head giving off an incredible aroma.  I got a lot of bold notes from this beer: roasted grain, dark chocolate, and an oaty-nutty characteristic as well.  The taste was suburb – the grain and barley dominate this beer, but you do get the taste of the roasted oats as the beer finishes.  Although it may look a little filling and intimidating, it was incredibly inviting.  The richness of the beer kept coaxing me back sip after sip, and before I knew it, it was gone.  Highly, highly drinkable and if you show up with a sixer of this at the tailgate, you will wow everybody.  Perfect beer to go along with a hearty chili, however I recommend keeping this out of the stew (it’s just too damn good).  Bottom line, this brew gets a rare A+ for its characteristics, richness, and unbelievable taste.  Pick it up! 


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