Whale’s Tale Pale Ale

Beers that rhyme, I’ll allow it.  Especially if it makes sense and is traditional to the area where it’s brewed.  Whale’s Tale Pale Ale comes from Cisco Brewers and is made on the pretentious, but beautiful island of Nantucket.  I really like the look of the brew, the artwork on all their labels is very attractive, the only think missing is an effigy to the Kennedy’s.  Also, being a craft brew from New England is appealing to me too.

In addition to the name and label, the beer itself also delivers.  When poured into a pint glass, it gives off a dark, off white head about an inch high.  Head retention was pretty poor, and the lacing on the brew was light, if any.  The brew appeared to be a little hazy, but not as bad as a typical unfiltered, or wheat beer.  The smell on this guy was very intriguing.  It gave off a wonderful floral, citrus, and fruity smell, with light sugary smell too.  As I drank, more raspberry notes came out.

The taste is delectable.  It’s a very unique pale ale in that it tastes light but flavorful and fruity at the same time.  No fruit taste overwhelms the beer, and it’s not even advertised as being brewed with fruit, but you certainly get that sense.  It as a sweetness to it, almost like a candy, “Skittle-ie” taste, however it is very well balanced with a light hop and yeast coming through.  This beer is extremely drinkable, and has an average 5.6ABV.

The bottom line: this is a beer that anybody can drink, from beer snobs, to those who are less adventurous, and even to the lady in your life who typically goes the mixed drink route.  I’d give the beer a A/A- because of it’s unique taste, drinkability, wonderful aroma, and of course it’s New Englandness.


3 thoughts on “Whale’s Tale Pale Ale

  1. I really like this one, glad to see such a good review. On the New England theme… maybe you have a top-5 New England list? Would love to bring some New England love back to school.

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