Geary’s Summer Ale

Going into my senior year of college, I had a summer internship in Portland.  I really enjoyed the city because it had a very unique vibe to it – “keep your wallet in your front pocket” met quaint seaport city.  Rummaging through the Old Port and seeing a lot of… interesting… characters was always and adventure, but I was fascinated with all the brew pubs habituating the city.  Because of the blue collar and gritty charm of Portland, many beers from Maine have a very soft spot in my heart, but have sometimes disappointed.
When looking at all of the options at the package store a, “Made in Maine” label peeking out the top of a six pack caught my eye.  I’ve never heard of Geary’s like I had with other big names such as Peak, Sea Dog, Gritty’s, Sebago, Shipyard, and other breweries from the vacation state, but I took a flyer.  Not having high expectations (I mean really, what kind of idiot spells Gary, ‘Geary’… it’s like Jeff with a ‘G’ [sorry Geoff]), I poured the brew into a fitting Bar Harbor Brewing pint glass.  
Head retention was pretty good, a nice off white color with fantastic hints of lemon grass, light hops, and citrus notes.  I was very pleasantly surprised with the color and, what I consider a very nice head for a lighter, refreshing summer beer, but (as you can see) no lacing with this guy.
Appearance to taste was a nice transition.  I was immediately hit with those lemony-citrus notes right off the bat, providing a nice bitter taste without being overpowering like and IPA could be.  There was no real after taste to the brew, and after the first wave of light lemon, there wasn’t much.  I wasn’t quite sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing though. As the beer was slowly flowing out of the glass and into my stomach, I found the lightness of it was a very awesome thing.  I felt that I could drink these easily (stay thirsty my friends…), but in a very un-Bud Light fashion this beer was flavorful!  
A perfect perfect beer for the beach, or a summer graduation party to get your crazy Uncle Mike drunk.  It’s also nice to pick up something most of those beach goers and guests at your BBQ never drank, but will be sure to love at first sip – spread the Maine craft love around.  If you’re looking for something summer-ie with a little more punch and a bit bolder flavor, go with an IPA, but this small brewery from Maine delivered a perfect summer beer, as marketed.  A-

3 thoughts on “Geary’s Summer Ale

  1. Sounds great… how does it compare to, say, a Sam Summer? It sounds pretty similar, but this may not be a wheat beer. Love the blog.

  2. @JM – A little lighter and over all more drinkable than Sam Summer. Also, a bit more of a kick at 6.0% ABV which to me, is always an upside. Sam Summer has more of a bitter note than this guy too, try it out.

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